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Forever 21 Skinnies {love these}

Whew. What a whirlwind the past week has been! So many sales over the past few days! I started to feel overwhelmed by the emails flooding my inbox... I feel like I am required to take advantage of every sale that pops up! {Great marketing plans for the win!} Lord knows our teacher/military budget just.can't.deal. Anyone feeling the same way?

I do want to share a little information on these Sole Society boots though... I have purchased a few things {these flats & these booties} from Sole Society lately and they certainly haven't disappointed! I hadn't worn these boots yet & when I woke up bright and early yesterday morning, I threw them on- because a black leather boot goes with everything. I didn't exactly think through the fact that I had a long day ahead... Early morning meetings at 7am + school + basketball games until 9pm. On my way to school I started to panic about how much pain my feet would be in by the end of the day since I was wearing brand new boots. However, I can happily report that even though they were brand new & not broken in, they were SO comfortable all day long! I will swear by any shoes that can last 14+ hours on their first round :)


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