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It's been a while since I rounded up my latest Instagram posts and shared them on the blog! Between vacation, trips home to Missouri, and a week at cheer camp, I haven't been around the social media world as much this month! 

If you follow along on Instagram, you have seen all of these looks already. If you were signed up with LiketoKnow.it, you've also been able to shop them since the second I posted them! Unfamiliar with this great service? See the end of this post to find out what you are missing out on :)

Celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary in downtown OKC!

Loving the off the shoulder trend this summer!

My OOTD for my 25th birthday! I got my hair done by BLO in OKC & I love the waterfall braid they did!

During the hot Oklahoma days, I am all for easy outfits that are cute but keep me cool!

Tank  |  Shorts {lots of color/pattern options!}  |  Crossbody {only $32!!}  |  Necklace  |  Watch  |  Bracelet 

Summer pool day essentials!

Bow bikini top {under $15!}  |  Distressed Denim Shorts  |  Jack Rogers Sandals  |  similar Clutch  |  Sunnies {under $10!}  |  Fedora

Seriously. I just want to travel ALL SUMMER LONG!!

Picking out my birthday jewels! Did you know Kendra Scott gives you 50% off 1 item during your birthday month?! LOVE it!

Denim Romper  |  Kimono  |  Sandals |  similar Bag  |  Cuff  |  Ring 

Blush pink is probably my favorite color this season! I am finding myself drawn to anything and everything in this color!

Top  |  Jeans  |  Sandals  |  similar Bow Bag  |  Necklace

I wasn't sure about this dress when I ordered it but when it came in the mail, I instantly fell in love!!

Kimono Dress {40% off!}  |  Wedges  

{You may notice that I am a big fan of white nail polish. It goes with everything and I think it is the perfect staple color for summer!}

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So... LiketoKnow.it. If you have followed along on Instagram for long, you have probably seen me talk about it several times. Many of my posts end with something like this: @liketoknow.it www.liketk.it/1wwbW #liketkit

I don't know how many times I have been perusing Instagram and I see something that I want to buy right then!! However, once you comment & ask someone it can take a while to get a reply. I know that I get questions in the comments of my pictures, and depending on the day, it can unfortunately take a while to get back to someone! Annoying... I know! & Even then, simply telling you my top is from J.Crew doesn't exactly help narrow it down since there are literally hundreds of pages. It can be a huge hassle & very time consuming trying to hunt items down! But the good news is, I save the links to things I buy so that I can easily link them to each Instagram photo.

Joining this free program is super easy!

Step 1: Sign up with LiketoKnow.it & link your email and Instagram account

Step 2: 'Like' any LiketoKnow.it enabled photo {look for something like this: @liketoknow.it www.liketk.it/1wwbW #liketkit}

Step 3: Open your email inbox a few moments later to get all of the direct links. Simply click on the item you are interested in & it will take you straight to the product! The emails {& your LiketoKnow.it page} will show all of your 'liked' photos just like this:

Not a big fan of constant emails? No big deal! You can change the email preferences however you want. I have mine set to send weekly! You can also choose instantly & daily. If there is an item I really want right then & there, I will just head over to the direct link posted with the picture!

LiketoKnow.it really is a great service for everyone! It makes shopping a breeze! In the same amount of time it takes you to write a comment asking where something is {not including the time it would take to try and hunt it down after that} you can get an email and click straight through to shop! Super easy-peasy. Be sure to sign up ASAP so that you can shop all of your favorite bloggers on Instagram!

Keep up with my latest LiketoKnow.it posts & shop my Instagram below:

Travel: What To Pack For An All Inclusive Vacation

I absolutely love to travel! My husband & I have been fortunate enough to explore nine countries together since we got married. However, our Dominican Republic vacation this summer was our first All-Inclusive experience & it was certainly a little bit different... In the BEST way possible! I don't know that I'll ever go on another beach vacay without going that route! We stayed at the Excellence Punta Cana & it was complete perfection. The location, food, service, & rooms were all right on point. However, packing was a bit of a challenge because I wasn't sure what to expect. So I thought I would share with you my thoughts, tips & tricks for successfully {& lightly} packing for an All-Inclusive getaway!

TIP #1: Pack AT LEAST 1 full day's worth of clothes in your carry on. I have heard this many times but didn't follow through. My luggage was lost the first 2 days of our vacation and I had nothing- no swim suit, face wash, clothes, etc. It was a miserable time in a tropical location with nothing but what I wore on the plane. Save yourself the headache & take what you might need in case the worst happens! 

Swimsuits: I would recommend taking 3! You will probably be on the beach more than three days but you can easily dry them overnight.  Try mixing up the styles you take: A 1 piece with fun cut-outs, a simple bikini, and a printed 2 piece for example. 

Cover-Ups: 3-4 options would be best. There are so many different styles of cover ups that it would be great to bring along a few different options to choose from! I packed a fun dress, a printed romper [this one is cute too!], and a couple of kimonos. {How cute is the OTHERWORLD one in today's pictures?!!} Keep in mind that if you are going to run & grab food from a restaurant for lunch, they will probably have a dress code that requires more than a swimsuit. The majority of ours required just a simple cover-up & all of the options I brought along worked!

Hats: I am hat obsessed! I would recommend bringing at least 2 hats! I brought along a smaller fedora as well as a large floppy hat {under $9!}. These are perfect for lounging by the pool & covering up crazy hair! I wore my fedora on the plane & packed my large floppy hat in my suitcase. {Tip: Put the hat in the middle of your suitcase and pack clothes & shoes around it. I did this & had no problems with lost shape!}

Sunglasses: We all have our Ray Ban, Kate Spade, or Prada sunnies that we love. However, keep these away from the ocean!! Reserve them for the pool area where you won't be battling waves. Bring along a few cheap options {like these under $10} so that you won't be heartbroken if they get washed away. I actually lost a cheap pair when a huge wave took me out but luckily, I didn't sweat it too much since they were under $10. 

Shoes: This was my biggest packing battle! I would suggest bringing 1 pair of good 'ol flippy flops to walk to the beach or around the pool in. I failed to think this through & had to wear a pretty nice pair around which made me nervous! You should also bring 2 pairs of nicer sandals. These can be worn to restaurants & evening shows. My Tory Burch sandals & Jack Rogers were perfect for this! Lastly, a pair of wedges would be good for the fancier dinners! We got really dressed up one night & I was glad I had these wedges to wear :)

Dresses: I would bring 4-5 dresses! A definite beach resort staple. I wore dresses for 95% of our trip. Whether pool side or to dinner, I wore several styles of dresses during our trip. I would recommend looking for light sundresses, a maxi dress, and a fun & flirty dress for dinner! Lilly Pulitzer dresses are ideal options in my opinion!

Shorts: 2 pairs of shorts should be sufficient for your trip. {These were my favorite!!} If you are doing any excursions {horse back riding, zip lining, etc.} you will certainly want a pair of shorts! They can also be great to throw on over a {dry} swimsuit to grab a bite to eat during the day. 

Tops: I brought along way too many tops! 3-4 should be more than enough to pack for your vacation! I would suggest light, airy tanks & tees that will dry easily if they get wet.

Bug Spray & Sunscreen: I applied sunscreen every hour and still ended up with a pretty good burn. The Dominican sun was much harsher than what I am used to in Oklahoma. Make sure you bring PLENTY because you will way overpay if you have to buy it at your hotel. The cheapest at our resort? $50. So yes, pack lots. Also, the mosquitos are crazy! If you eat dinner outside at all, you will want to bring bug spray with you to frequently reapply. At one of our beach side dinners we got chased inside by large swarms! Yikes!

Bags: I used this large weekender as my carry on and was able to fit a large amount of things in it for travel. I also brought along a crossbody that I used most nights. It was small enough to just stash a few necessities in {lip gloss, money, phone, room key} & it wasn't a pain to tote around. I also brought along this fun clutch for a night out ! Lastly, bring a pool bag. This should be something that is okay if it gets wet, sandy and potentially ruined. I was constantly throwing water bottles, sunscreen, shoes, coverups, books, etc. in it all day!

Random Extras:
Aloe Vera- For the inevitable burn
Light Jacket- If you are cold natured like I am, you might want this at night walking along the beach or catching a late show
First Aid- You never know when you might need a bandaid for a blister {my husband got one running on the beach}, Tylenol for a sun headache, etc.
Large Plastic Cup- I can't recommend this enough! At All-Inclusive resorts, your drinks will all be free! However, they have small cups and in the hot sun, the ice melts quickly. Have your drinks made in your cup so that you get more {fewer trips to the bar / tracking down the pool guys} and it will stay cold much longer! LOVE this Lilly one for $15!
Minimal Makeup- Show off your newly acquired glow! Wear small amounts of makeup to dinner because 1) you should have a new tan & 2) the incredibly high humidity can make your face of makeup feel like it's melting! If you bring mascara, make sure it is water proof.
Nail Polish: I got my fingers & toes done before we left. However, the sand & concrete can do a number on your fresh polish & I wish that I had brought along a bottle for a few touch ups!

The Obvious:
Sleep Clothes, Undergarments, Toiletries, Phone/Computer Chargers, Books

Overall, you should be able to pack everything in a small-ish suitcase & not have to worry about what you are missing from your closet at home. We will definitely be heading back to the Excellence Punta Cana in the future & I can't recommend it enough to anyone looking for an All-Inclusive getaway. Let me know if you can think of any other vacay necessities that I might have missed :)

Outfit 1: Nordstrom Bikini Top  |  Otherworld Kimono  |  identical Floppy Bow Hat  |  Sunglasses

Well friends, today is my birthday so I am off to enjoy the day with my husband! Have a great Tuesday! xox

Lace Details

SheIn Top c/o  |  J.Crew Factory Skirt  |  Kate Spade Bag c/o  |  similar Leopard Pumps  |  Michael Kors Watch  |  Bauble Bar Necklace  |  Bauble Bar Earrings  

Oh, Monday! The weekends are just never quite long enough! The good news? Tomorrow is my birthday!! :) And I leave Wednesday for cheer camp. 20 girls. 3 days. Just me. Pray for my sanity now ;)

But let's talk pretty, feminine details. I love the lace in this top! It is actually really comfortable- not the annoying scratchy lace I was afraid it might be. And the cutouts at the bottom of this skirt are to die for! Paired together, I think they are a match made in detail heaven!

Short & sweet today. I've got lots of packing to do! But come back tomorrow for a few beach pictures :)


Sun Protective Clothing

Mott 50 Jane Top c/o {save 10% with 'styledblonde'}  |  DSTLD White Jeans c/o  |  Sole Society Scarf c/o   |  Kate Spade Sunglasses c/o   |  similar Nude Sandals  |  Kendra Scott Ring {50% off!}  |  Love Always Couture 'K' Necklace c/o  |  Kate Spade Watch  |  Bauble Bar Pearl Cuff  |  similar Kate Spade Crossbody  |  ILY Couture Pearl Earrings

WOW! Our vacation to the Dominican Republic was absolutely amazing! I can't wait to share all of the details with you this week! If you are looking for a beach getaway, stay tuned for a few travel tips I will be sharing :)

But first things first, let's talk about this top. Obviously it's super cute & has the perfect amount of swing to it. The navy & white stripes are a classic nautical combination, perfect for summer! It's a super soft bamboo and spandex blend that feels amazing on. But my favorite thing about this top is something you can't actually see! This Mott 50 top was created with sun protection in mind! It has UPF 50 in the fabric to protect you from the sun's harsh rays. It is super light weight & will keep your skin safe!

As you might have noticed, I am fairly light skinned. I don't tan very easily. And I am all too familiar with a painful sun burn. Fun fact: The average white t-shirt has only a UPF of 5 compared to Mott 50's clothing all with UPF 50 built in. This shirt is the perfect answer to those hot summer days where no amount of sunscreen is going to keep your from getting a little crispy! In fact, while we were in the Dominican Republic, I got a pretty good sunburn at the start of our trip. {And yes, I applied sunscreen hourly!} Well, we were heading out for a horse ride on the beach but I didn't want to get any more sun. So I threw on this lightweight UPF 50 top & it was perfect! I stayed just cool enough & didn't have to worry about more pain from the sun!

Mott 50 has a huge selection of UPF 50 clothing! There are dresses, pants, tops, coverups, etc. They keep the styles classic so they can go just about anywhere! If you plan on heading to a tropical vacation or spending much time in the sun this summer, I highly encourage you to check out Mott 50 for a few skin-saving pieces :) And, you can save 10% off your entire order with code 'styledblonde' now! Hurry & check out what all they have to offer!

Hope you've had a great weekend! xox

Tropical Floral

Sheinside Dress  |  Sole Society Wedges  |  Love Always Couture Necklace  |  similar Crossbody  |  Kate Spade Watch  |  Bauble Bar Pearl Bracelet  |  Kendra Scott Druzy Ring  |  Bauble Bar Earrings

Today we are off to the Dominican Republic! I plan on sharing our adventures here on Styled Blonde next week but until then, you can keep up with our trip on my Instagram. I am so excited to relax on the beach, take advantage of the sun, and explore a new country! Our hotel offers complimentary horse back riding, snorkeling, scuba diving, and lots of others activities. And you better believe I am splurging on a beach massage ;)

This floral number is definitely coming with me to the DR! It will be perfect for a dinner out on the town. It is flowy & won't be too harsh against a sunburn! The colors are also very tropical in my opinion... & It's under $23! It pairs perfectly with these nude wedges from Sole Society! I can't say enough good things about the comfort of these shoes. I am not a huge heels person but I have easily worn them all day on multiple occasions with ease! They come in two other colors & I am considering swiping another pair they are just so good.

Hope you babes have a great Wednesday!! xox


Rompers & Kimonos

Old Navy Romper {size up} |  Sheinside Kimono c/o  |  J.Crew Factory Espadrilles  |  Kate Spade Clutch  |  Kendra Scott Druzy Necklace  |  Kendra Scott Pendant Necklace  |  Michael Kors Watch  |  Bauble Bar Earrings

I finally joined the romper club. It sure took me a while but I am in love with this chambray number! It is so easy & breezy for summer. I paired it with a fun floral kimono for a perfect summer day look. The best part of this outfit? These shoes!!! The stripes and lace up design sold me the moment I laid eyes on them. They will be great for so many outfits this season.

Today is our last day before vacay so I am making sure I have everything packed & ready to go! If you have ever been to the Dominican, I would love to hear tips of places to go, things to see, and where to eat!! 

Happy Tuesday! xox