Gift Idea For HIM: Southern Scholar Subscription

A gift idea for even the toughest guy on your Christmas list! A Southern Scholar subscription box!

I don't know about you, but the guys on my list are always the toughest to buy for! So I was super excited to discover Southern Scholar. It's seriously the answer to my gift-struggle prayers! Essentially, it's a luxury men's dress sock subscription box. What guy doesn't love a great pair of socks? And with this subscription box, they get a pair every month! Depending on your budget, you can pay month to month to cover 1 or a few months [ONLY $15/month!!] or you can get a month free by paying for the entire year! It's so easy to give a subscription as a gift- there's a box at checkout you can select to make for giving the best gift- hassle free

A few other perks:
>> Free cancellation, anytime
>> Free shipping 
>> Each sock is made from soft material in premium quality 

One of my favorite things about Southern Scholar is the style card included with each sock. It gives specific guidance on what type of outfit & colors would pair perfectly with that exact pair! There is even a picture on one side for visual reference. Definitely something a slightly style-challenged guy can't mess up ;) ha! 

As you can see, all of the Southern Scholar socks are made in easy-to-wear colors and prints. Nothing too crazy & something that would work for any guy. My husband, Jake, loved all of these! 

So if you have a boyfriend, dad, brother or husband that can be difficult to buy for, sign him up for a Southern Scholar subscription. It's easy gift-giving for you & something he won't be disappointed in!

Thanks to Southern Scholar for sponsoring today's post!


  1. Guys can be so difficult, so I love this gift idea!

    xo, kate

  2. I love getting my guy socks for the holidays, so this is such a great subscription for me! What a great idea!

    xo Kelsey | www.chasingcinderellablog.com

  3. These are so cute! Such a unique gift idea for the hubby.

  4. Love the polka dots! So cute!


  5. what a cool subscription!!! love this idea - will be looking into it :)

  6. I'd never heard of this before, but it's sounds like the perfect gift!

    By Lauren M

  7. What an adorable gift idea! My hubby would love this. <3
    xx Lexi, Glitter, Inc.

  8. My Ben loves his socks for work!! What an amazing idea!! I love this!!

  9. Such a great idea for my hubby! xo Liz Joy www.purejoyhome.com

  10. What a great gift idea! Totally looking into this for my guy!

  11. Oh what a fun idea- guys are SO hard to buy for!

  12. Ah! My husband loves socks, this would be the perfect gift for him!


  13. My guy is so tough to buy for, but the one thing he always loves is fun printed socks!!

  14. I love this idea for a gift for him!!

  15. What a great gift for my brother! I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to describe ti like this but love all the cute socks.

  16. I always buy my husband socks... not sure why just always seems to cute!



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