15 Favorite Finds Under FIFTY!

Hey girls! After a late night out with some of my favorite OKC blogger babes [see some of this event in my Instastories!], I wanted to share 15 of my favorite finds under $50! I am leaving for New Orleans next week and have been doing a little too much shopping recently! So I thought I would share some of the best pieces I have found- several of which you will see on my Instagram next week in NOLA! All of these items are under $50 too! Whoooo! Let me know which ones are your favorites!

Obsessed with ruffles recently and I love the blush color on this top too!

I am a sucker for turquoise jewelry! I especially love how it looks with blush!

Ok how cute is this bow dress? Would be so cute with a cardigan!

I feel like a floral bomber jacket is the IT item for Spring!

Hot pink shorts? Dying over here!

This chambray off the shoulder dress is vacay perfection!

I love ruffles and pink. This top is the perfect combo of both!

These studded sandals are so cute & a dupe for a much more expensive pair! Love!

This is such a cute print and a fun Spring top!

Since I love blush pink, it should come as no surprise why I love these!

This knotted tee comes in lots of colors & is the perfect casual tee!

Obsessed with these distressed jeans with a raw edge hem!

Such a cute criss-cross top! I would layer this with a jacket now and on its own later!

Every girl needs the perfect striped tee! This one is under $25 too!

Speaking of stripes... Can't beat pink stripes!

Off The Shoulder Top With A Bow

10 Closet Staples for a Fashionable AND Functional Mom

Today's post is brought to you from a new mom who sometimes struggles to feel cute & trendy while still wearing things that are functional to chase after a baby all day... ME! With a 10 month old who is constantly on the move, making messes & requires my total attention, it can be really hard to get dressed every day. I always want to feel cute but not wear something super impractical for playing mom all day! If you have every found yourself in the same boat, are a mom-to-be or maybe you work in a field that presents some of these same challenges- I have made a list of the Top 10 closet staples you need! I think these are the things that make it easy to get dressed every morning in an outfit that you can feel good in & won't have to fuss with through the day.

1. Flats 

Okay, this might be the number one closet staple for a mom! There are so many cute options out there for flats. If you need a dressier flat, the Tory Burch Minnie Travel Flat is my favorite. If you are going more casual, the Adidas Superstar sneakers are making a come back & I love it! These gold ones are super cute and super functional. These flats are another great, everyday option that won't break the bank. And you definitely need a pair of leopard flats! They go with so much, in any season. And obviously I am a BIG fan of these glitter Keds. Obsessed actually. Flats are the shoe closet hero. They can take you through the grocery store or even out on a date!

2. Lipstick or Lipgloss 

I love a good, bright lip. It's such a simple thing that takes about 30 seconds to apply in the morning. And it's something Beckam can't pull off during the day! ha! Some lipsticks might prevent you from smooching your baby all day [I admit, Beckam has had a few lipstick marks in his day! ha!] but I love this one that won't wear off! This is also my go-to chapstick that also has color! I just feel a little more put together with a lippie on! It's a simple way to boost that basic t-shirt & skinny jeans outfit up a fashion level!
Love the lip color in this post!

3. The Perfect Pair of Denim

Okay, I know I'm not the only one guilty of having jeans that I have to pull up all day. Or having to make sure that I wear a long shirt so when I bend over to pick up Beckam I don't have to worry about the world seeing too much! ha! This might be one of the bigger 'investments' I've made into my mom wardrobe but so. worth. it. I love the Paige denim brand. They carry them at Nordstrom but you can also score them even cheaper at Nordstrom Rack! Not only do they hold their shape so they actually FIT all day, but they keep their color and last a long time too! A good dark skinny jean works well with flats and a tee for your typical mom routine but can also be easily dressed up for that rare date night out!

4. Crossbody Bag

I am a bag girl. I have a small collection hoarders stash and they are always the first thing I still want to shop for! However, I have found that my larger totes haven't gotten much use over the past 10 months. I am always reaching for a crossbody bag because it allows me to be hands free while we are out and about. And Lord knows Beckam requires both hands to keep him out of trouble! Get a classic color like cognac, black or white & it will go with almost every outfit you have! Cute? Yes! Functional? Yes!

5. Casual Tees

I am a big fan of layering. And having a few cute casual tees on hand makes it easy and quick! I love these because they come in SO many colors. I also love Piko's from Lush Fashion Lounge. They wash well [who has time for dry cleaning??] and hold up great! I like to make my simple tees 'cuter' by adding a statement necklace, knotting it at the side, wearing with colored denim or something extra to make it a more put-together outfit! Also, stripe tees like this one are easy to print mix with a patterned cardigan or kimono! 

6. Basic / Dainty Necklace

If y'all know me well at all you know I am a sucker for a big statement necklace! But, as Beckam gets older he starts to pull on my necklaces and earrings more & more! While I still wear my big statement necklaces every chance I get, a dainty necklace is much more practical with baby hands around! I have this latitude and longitude one [hello, geography teacher here! ha!] and this initial one. There are seriously so many cute options out there! And they pair super cute with a v-neck tee for a simple, classic outfit.

7. Joggers

This is a new-to-me trend. I know I am a little late to the party on this one but I just picked up my first pair from H&M! I'm now shooting myself in the foot for not hoping on this 10 months ago! Joggers are perfect for the mom on the go who wants to still look cute! They feel like pajamas on [that's a BIG win] yet make for a classic outfit! Think: these joggers with a front tucked tee shirt & lace up flats! Perfect for the grocery store, a play date or even a real date! 

8. T-Shirt Dress

This is what I lived in last summer! T-shirt dresses - especially the loose, non-fitted kind - are a momma's best friend! They hide any bumps you don't want to show the world, are usually super soft, and is a 1-piece outfit! Seriously though- add a cute pair of sandals, layer with a jean jacket and top off with a crossbody & it's an outfit you can wear anywhere! I am especially fond of t-shirt dresses with stripes because they are more 'camouflage' and less likely to be see-through. Take it from my experience! ha!

9. Painted Nails

Ok so this is an easy one! As a mom we use our hands all. the. time. Making bottles, changing diapers, cooking, folding laundry, etc. Well I can tell you I always feel better if I have a cute polish on. You will rarely catch me with no polish at all actually! Obviously the cheapest option here is to pick up your favorite color polish at Target. BUT, I have the hardest time getting polish to stay looking fresh for more than a few days. [Chipped nails drive me nuts!] And I hate having to re-paint all the time because #drytimesucks! So every 2-3 weeks I sneak away for an hour when Jake is home and get a gel polish! I have been doing this for a few years actually and LOVE it. Mine always stay perfect, with no chips. I loving having that extra pop of color and it really does help pull together whatever outfit I am wearing! PS- red is my go-to color!

original blog posts here & here

10. Jacket or Cardigan

So other than the obvious reason for warmth, a good jacket or cardigan is a mom's lifesaver! I am usually cold so I always have one with me! But lately, it's also been used to cover up mashed sweet potato stains on my shirt and a few spit up marks while at the mall. So that the functional side of it. But the fashionable side is just as important! A casual tee can look super basic. But add a blush cardigan or a utility jacket over it and it's instantly a cute outfit you can go anywhere in! I love wearing layers and this is definitely a functional AND fashionable closet staple for moms!

Well let me know what you think about these top 10 closet staples for a fashionable & functional mom! I hope this was helpful to all of you hard working mom's who are struggling [like I was] to find a way to meet both ends! Have a happy Wednesday! xo

THE Dress for Spring + 5 Things About Me

President's Day Weekend 2017: Top 10 Sales

All of the items shown are below! Or you can get direct links to these 16 items on this Facebook post!

Hey gals! There are some BIG sales happening this weekend! I thought I would break down the best sales that you don't want to miss & highlight a few of my favorite deals. Get all the details of the top 10 sales below!

How To Use Like To Know It

If you're on Instagram much, chances are you've seen bloggers using Like To Know It. More commonly seen as #liketkit! It's been around for a few years now but I still occasionally get questions about it so I wanted to create a go-to post for anyone wondering what it's all about! 

So first of all, Like To Know It is a lifesaver. It's the easiest way to shop an outfit you see & love on Instagram! I can't tell you how many times I have been scrolling through my feed, stumble upon an outfit I fall in love with, go to the Like To Know It link & buy it! That can all seriously happen in less than 5 minutes. Essentially, anytime you 'like' an Instagram photo that is linked to Like To Know It, you get an email to your inbox with easy, clickable links to each part of the outfit!

So here is how you get started:

1. Go to this link. Click on the Sign Up box! It will take less than 2 minutes and no, it doesn't cost anything! They just ask for super basic information. There is a short video tutorial on this page that helps too!

2. You can set the email preferences to whatever you want! You can get them ASAP, daily, weekly or never. 
More on this below!

3. On Instagram, 'like' any of my photos that have the #liketkit label. This is basically all of my photos! ha!

4. Within a few minutes {usually less than 5!} you will get an email with direct links to all of the items in my outfit from that post!

As for the frequency of emails- you can set it to whatever works best for you! It can be set to generate an email ASAP each time you 'like' a Like To Know It photo OR you can set it to email you daily with all of the photos you've 'liked' OR  you can set it to a weekly occurrence too! There is also an option to never receive emails if you don't want. I personally have mine set to the weekly option. Even though I only get that email weekly, there are other ways to shop Instagram posts using Like To Know It! 

Options for shopping Like To Know It Instagram posts without receiving an email:

>>> In every photo that is Like To Know It enabled, there will be a direct link included. However, Instagram doesn't allow those links to be clickable so you will have to manually type it in. They are always super short and easy to do though! Just be aware that it IS case sensitive

>>> Another way I frequently shop my favorite Instagram posts is going to the actual LikeToKnow.It website! You can use the menu on the top right hand side to select 'My Likes' to see ALL shoppable images from your favorite bloggers! Any photo you've liked will be there with all of the products shown under the photo. See the example of one of my Instagram posts below! It's a quick and easy way to scroll through & shop all the photos and outfits you loved in a day. I usually just open all the items I love in new tabs and go through and check them out! It can be SO tempting because there are always lots of pretty things to add to my growing shopping cart wishlist. 

Overall Like To Know It is a super convenient service that allows people to easily shop the things they see and love on Instagram! I remember before this was even an option I felt so bad every time someone would comment on one of my Instagram outfit posts & ask me where something was from. Of course they would comment & ask when I wasn't on Instagram and in the middle of my day teaching 7th graders! It might have been hours before I was able to get back on & finally reply to them. By that time, lots of people {including myself!} would have just given up on it and moved on to something else. I always felt guilty that I couldn't help a girl out much faster. In addition to that, it wasn't always very helpful when I would say the item was from Nordstrom. There are literally thousands of pages {over 25k! WOW!} of women's clothing so it would take forever to sort through them to find what they are looking for! And who has time for that? So when Like To Know It entered the picture, it was such a relief! I could link everything directly to the picture when I was posting it so no one had to wait around for me anymore or try and track it down themselves! Whew! I just love how easy it is for everyone!

So I would love to hear from you! Do you already use Like To Know It? Do you love it? Hate it? Are you hesitant to sign up? Why? I would love to help you out if you have any questions! 

And FYI... If despite all of this Like To Know It still isn't your thing, you can always shop all of my Instagram posts here on my blog without creating an account. Just click the Shop my Instagram tab at the top of my site and everything will be there for you! But if you are wanting access to shoppable links even faster & having the convenience of shopping from your inbox, then be sure to utilize Like To Know It to save lots of time! {& jump on any sales I post right away before they are gone!

Have a fab Friday & a great weekend loves! xo