Flamingos and Polkadots

Well hello strangers! I inadvertently took a much longer break from blogging than planned! We have moved across the country before so I thought I already knew what to expect. But boy was I wrong! Adding a 1 year old to the mix really was a game changer. Everything has taken much longer to get set up and adjusted! However, we are finally all settled in & have spent some time exploring our new city. While we are still new to the D.C. area and know very little, I can already confidently say that I severely miss the OKC traffic [or lack thereof]! This place is seriously nuts when it comes to trying to hop on a highway most times of the day! Hopefully we will soon figure out a different route to get to places we frequent!

But let's chat about this super cute Summer outfit! I love a good graphic tee & this flamingo one is a new favorite. Plus, it's on SALE right now for less than $25! I thought it was perfect paired with these fun polka dot shorts. These are actually my favorite style of shorts and I love seeing the new prints and colors they come out with every year. I have acquired quite the collection of J.Crew Factory shorts over the past few years but these might be the best ones so far!

Well the good news is now that everything is finally settling around here, I am back to the blogging game. In case you just reallllllly missed me around here [ ;) ha!] you can always check out my Instagram. Even if a few days go by where I am absent on the blog... It's probably a safe bet that I am still sharing outfits there! And there have been some seriously good sales lately so be sure to keep up on Insta or Instastories because I share a lot / quickly there!

Hope you babes have a great start to your week! PS- it's my Birthday week and I am SO excited!!! xox

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  1. That flamingo shirt is so darn cute and guy can never go wrong with polka dots!!! Love this summer look!!


  2. Those polka dot shorts are too cute!

  3. What a cute combo! That bag is so cute too!

  4. This is just the cutest combo ever! I adore those shorts and need them! :)

  5. This is such a cute tee! You can never go wrong with flamingos!

    Maggie @ Polished Closets

  6. I love this tshirt so much!


  7. Glad to hear you're settled in! Love this cute summer look!

    Lee Anne

  8. This is too cute! I love your shorts and that flamingo tee is ADORABLE! This is the cutest combo!

  9. You can never go wrong with Flamingos! cute!
    xoxo Yari www.dreamgorgeously.com

  10. loving the flamingo and polka dots combo!! Too cute babe!


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