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These are just a few of the pieces that I have added or am hoping to add to my closet in the coming months. Believe it or not, that darling bow bag is from Target! {& it’s part of the BOGO sale} Oh Target, you never fail me.
Clearly bows and leopard are still two of my favorite trends! Also, faux fur vests are looking to be another popular item again this year. If you are like me, you sometimes wait too long to pull the trigger on a trend and end up with a lousy selection to pick from {I did that last year with wanting to buy a faux fur vest & not being able to find one I loved}. So I encourage you to snatch up the popular fall trends now while there are still lots of good options out there!
I know we all spend a good amount of time on the Internet and browsing different shops so tell me…. What else are you craving for fall??

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