5 Fall Favorites + Raise

Fall is undoubtedly here & I have shared several fall looks over the past few weeks. I wanted to use some of my most-loved looks to highlight my 5 favorite, must-have trends for fall! And your in luck, because I have the best way for you to save big when adding these trends to your closet 🙂

1. Vests
Vest options to shop:

2. Boots
Boot options to shop:

3. Scarf
Scarf options to shop:

4. Plaid
Plaid options to shop:

Floppy hat options to shop:

My mom taught me some of the best tips for being a bargain shopper & today, I have one to teach you! Meet Raise! Raise is a marketplace website used to sell & buy gift cards. For shoppers like me, it is an easy way to save a few extra dollars right before checkout! Before you hit submit on that online order, head over to Raise, search for the store you are shopping, and locate the best deal on a gift card that fits your needs! It is an e-giftcard that will quickly be available for you to use. 
You can often save 3-20% at some of the most popular shops by taking the few extra minutes to purchase a Raise gift card! {I just saved 8% on an Old Navy gift card used to purchase some new goods! This is in addition to the coupons I had to Old Navy in the first place!} On the flip side, you can also sell any unwanted gift cards for cash! Make cash, save cash & savings on top of savings… It is seriously a win, win.
Buy gift cards here
Sell gift cards here

So before you snatch up these 5 fall trends, make sure you checkout Raise to save even more! It makes being on trend even more affordable. 


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