Holiday Shopping Part 1

Yes, you read that right. Holiday shopping.
With stocking stuffers lining the Walgreens aisles & Christmas trees on full display at Hobby Lobby, it is time to face the facts. It is time to start thinking about all the gifts you need to buy for friends & family!

As a total OCD planner, I have been buying Christmas presents since this summer. Whenever I stumble upon a good sale, I always think about who I will need to buy gifts for & if it makes sense to buy it for a certain person on my list. I have found some exceptional deals this way & saved a lot of money in the long run! I hate waiting until the last minute on anything, so this is the perfect way to keep myself sane and my bank account happy!

Although Black Friday is known as the big “sale” day, I have found that many stores have higher prices on that day than other sale days. Although you can get great deals on those big ticket items, don’t always buy into the buzz about great sales and it being the best time to shop!

If you set your sights on who you need to buy for & what you want to look for now, you are much more likely to save big! Christmas shopping gets expensive and I like to spread that cost out over a couple months as oppose to squeezing it all in between Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

So with that said, let’s take a look at some of the items I have on my list to buy for friends & family. I will be stalking websites and deal sites to find the best time to buy. I rarely buy a gift without some type of discount or sale! 

Below are some great items that might not perfectly fit someone on MY list, but they are a great price and might be appropriate for someone on your list! 

I plan on sharing a few “Holiday Shopping” posts with new sales & deals as we get closer to the happiest time of the year. Stay tuned for more options that might make their way under your tree! 
ALL items on sale… Click to shop!

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