Confessional Friday

Good morning girls! I couldn’t be happier that it is Friday! My parents are coming into town for the weekend & that always means a lot of shopping time with my momma. Is there anything better than an afternoon of shopping with your mom? …Maybe her paying for your entire basket is a little better but I will stick to reality 😉 Let’s cut the chit-chat & get to some deep confessing with my girl, Leslie!

1. I confess I was so excited to be a featured blogger on Perfectly Coutured & White Coat Wardrobe  yesterday! As a newbie to the fashion blogging world, I absolutely love getting to work with some experienced fashionistas that are so successful! They picked my outfit from last week that had some of my favorite pictures with the Oklahoma City skyline in the background.


2. I confess I finally snatched up these Sole Society beauties that I’ve been eyeballing for months. I won a gift card recently that I planned on using to finally purchase them. Sadly, when I made it to the site, they were completely sold out in my size 🙁 Somehow, miracles were at work, & one pair came back in my size! Hallelujah. I checked out with those bad boys before you could say “leopard is a neutral!” Prepare to see them frequently here!

3. I confess that the Marine Corps birthday ball is next weekend & I was a major slacker this year on picking out a dress! I have been to a few of these over the past six years but this will be the first in Oklahoma. Since I had little time to try & find a dress, I headed over to Rent the Runway to pick myself out something nice to wear. It is a super formal event that requires a long evening gown. {not something I just have laying around!} Rent the Runway is a great option for borrowing a designer gown for a few days that will make you feel super gorg for the night without breaking the bank. I know I won’t ever actually own a Badgley Mischka dress but I can sure rent one 😉 Next weekend I will share pictures of the dress I picked. If you happen to have an event coming up (read: holiday parties), I encourage you to check them out for the perfect dress. You can even save $25 on your first rental!

4. I confess that I used my Old Navy Super Cash to buy this vest {like I needed another}, this sweater, & this turtleneck. I used to fight my mom when she wanted me to wear turtlenecks as a kid. Who would have thought I would be wearing them as an actual fashion statement now? Coulda been the trend setter….. What a shame.

Well I think I have done my fair share of confessing today. Now it’s your turn girls…. Confess away!!


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