Confessional Friday

Hey there pretty ladies! It’s finally Friday & that could only mean one thing.. Time to confess your little heart out! After a two day week last week {thank you, Thanksgiving!}, a full week back was rough… I am so happy to see the weekend 🙂

1. I confess that I have every single Christmas present purchased & wrapped. Granted, I started my Christmas shopping this summer, but I took full advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales to finish up my shopping. I would be lying if I didn’t admit to squeezing in an item or two for myself 😉 Sorry mom!

2. I confess that I got to hang out with some of my favorite OKC bloggers last night! Whitney from The Double Take Girls & Irene from The OP Life are some of the sweetest girls & I loved getting to chat with them about all things “blogging.” If you haven’t checked them out, I can assure you that you’re missing out 🙂

3. I confess that shopping for my husband this year was the hardest. I swear the man has everything and just buys what he wants throughout the year. After lots & lots of {secret} searching, I found lots of great options like this H&M sweater, these fun Nike’s, & this graphic sweatshirt.   

4. I confess that I went a little crazy during the Mindy Mae’s Market sale this week! I have been buying their stunning jewels for about a year now & love every single piece I have received. They had a blow-out sale all week long with new specials every day! Today is the last day & is one I have been waiting for! T-shirts, lounge sweatshirts, colorblock hoodies & the popular sequin skirts will be on super sale! You save even save an extra 10% with code ‘kelsslayt’ at checkout 🙂 Pop on over & find these jewels that I wear on a daily basis! 

5. I confess that I always have a mile long list of things that I want. I am that person on your list that is easy as pie to shop for! One thing that I am dropping very subtle hints about for my Christmas present this year is a Tory Burch purse. I have a few cheapie purses that I carry for fun but I would love to score a nice bag from my hubby for Christmas. … Just another subtle hint babe 😉

I didn’t intend on this becoming a Christmas edition of confessing but I guess you can tell what’s on my brain! I can’t wait to  be back in Missouri for the holidays, celebrating by spending time with family! 
Stop by & check out the Queen of Confessions {Leslie} and say hi! 

Happy Friday!

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