Confessional Friday

Hi girls! I’m wrapped up in parent/teacher conferences all morning so let’s knock these Friday Confessions out! I’ve linked up with Leslie to share 🙂

1. I confess that I don’t think I can resist the temptation of a President’s Day Bauble Bar sale! The entire site is 20% off with code ‘PREZ20’ but if you buy 3 items you can score 25% off with code ‘PREZ25’ & a purchase of 4+ items gets you 30% off with code ‘PREZ30’. YAY! It is the perfect time to score my favorite statement necklace {that I wear entirely too much}, a pair of double sided pearl earrings, a long tassel necklace, or this pearl cuff bracelet. I own all of these items & promise that you will love them too 🙂

2. I confess that parent/teacher conferences make me nervous!! This is only my 2nd year as a teacher and technically our conferences are “student-led,” but I still get nervous in a room full of parents! I seriously try my absolute best to teach my students all of the things they need to know about geography and still throw in important life lessons. But with frequent {educational} talks about religion, politics, etc. I am always apprehensive of how it goes at home. I would never want to over-step any boundaries but I think it is imperative for the future generation to know what it going on in our world! <end teacher rant>

3. I confess that I am still obsessed with yesterday’s white + navy look. I know it’s nothing especially new or riveting but it’s a color combo that I think works in any season. And since our temperatures go from 80+ degrees one week to snow & ice the next, that kind of versatility works perfectly in my closet!

4. I confess that I am a Red Bull addict. {sorry mom!} I don’t drink coffee, tea, or pop. But an energy drink is definitely my vice. I need to start buying them like this. ha! Super unhealthy & not exactly the best thing for you… But that’s what confessions are for right? 😉

Have a fabulous weekend ladies! I’ll see you right back here on Monday!


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