Orange & Black on Halloween

Happy Halloween! I can’t wear a costume to school so my favorite orange and black mix will do! This stripe tee is so perfect for just about any outfit. It’s super affordable and layers over tees + under sweaters and vests perfectly. One of my favorite Fall outfits is to wear a stripe tee, a cute plaid worn open, and a puffer vest! Oh, and I have to mention these Tory Burch flats. Yes, they are pricey. BUT- so comfortable. And they are such amazing quality! Plus, they are also foldable so they are perfect for travel or a great back up pair of shoes when your feet can’t handle the heels anymore! They come in tons of color options too!

Today is Beckam’s 1st Halloween! This weekend we went to the NICU [where he stayed for nearly 4 weeks when he was born 7 weeks early] for the annual reunion/Halloween party. It was so fun to see our favorite nurses that made those tough weeks more bearable for us. We also got to see Beckam’s NICU roomie, Jett! There is nothing better than seeing those tiny 1 and 4 pound babies six months later when they are drooling everywhere, babbling nonstop, and grabbing everything! Tonight we are going to head to Edmond, Oklahoma to do a little trick or treating with family. I’ll be carrying around the cutest shark you’ve ever seen 😉 ha! I’ll be sure to share pictures soon!

Have a great Halloween girls! xo

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