Blogging Tip: Create a Picture with Text Overlay in 4 Easy Steps

I often get asked how I make pictures with the text overlay on top! It is SUPER easy so I thought I would share how I do it. I often use this when I do a sale round up, travel post, or gift guide! You can use a picture with text overlay for just about any post. I think it makes the image even more eye-catching and is a great way to promote your post on social media! It takes less than 5 minutes & anyone can do it!

To start with, you can use one image [like I did here] or a collage. I use Pic Monkey or Pic Stitch when making a collage. I then just open the image in Photoshop. It costs about $10/month to have Photoshop and Lightroom & it’s SO worth it! Once you have your image open, follow the next 4 easy steps!

1. Go to the shape tool towards the bottom of the left hand side. This is the shape you will put your text on top of that will help make the words really ‘pop‘ off the picture! You can use a circle or square. I prefer square!

2. Draw the image on your picture. Depending on how much text I want to include, I either make it close to the size of the entire picture or smaller & centered. This is also the time to play with the color you want. I generally have it black or white! You can also make it a more fun color if you choose!

3. Go to the right hand side where the layers are shown. Double click on the shape layer. In this case, mine is called ‘Rounded Rectangle 1’. This box shown below will pop up. You want to drag down the Opacity slide until your shape looks the way you want it to!  I generally will put mine around the 50% mark. It really just depends on how much of the original image you want to be seen through the shape & text! 

4. Now that you are done with the shape, you just have to add text! Go to the ‘T’ icon on the lower left hand side. Click on the picture & type the words you want! You can then play with the font and size. I have downloaded a lot of fonts and that is what I’ve used here! Also, I made my words white since the box was black. However, I have also done it the opposite way with a white box and black font & it looks really good that way too! Once you have it perfect, save it & upload it to your next blog post!

This is just a super easy way to create a ‘title’ image for a blog post! I hope this was helpful for you. It is definitely a bit different than my typical outfit post but I thought it was useful information for any new bloggers out there! If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments!  xox


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