Memorial Day Ready in Red & Turquoise

Can y’all believe Memorial Day is only a week away!?! Normally, Memorial Day weekend for me means a weekend trip spent with family, eating lots of food, fishing and hanging out in the sun. However, this year will look just a liiiiittle bit different. We closed on our house and packed up the Penske truck and the Uhaul {yes, we have so much crap stuff we needed both… insert eyeroll} and drove to Missouri on Saturday. We are spending a couple of days here before starting the LONG drive to Virginia! I’m not exactly looking forward to driving 17 hours with a baby & 2 dogs but a few Redbull’s ought to make it a little easier 😉 ha! 

So looking at these pictures reminds me of one of the reasons I will NOT miss Oklahoma City. The wind is INSANE. I cannot tell you how many times I planned outfits to shoot only to get to the shoot location and the wind be completely crazy. We often would get wind alerts because the gusts are so strong! You can clearly tell by these pictures that it was one of those days!

But let’s get to the good stuff!! Memorial Day for most people means patriotic colors and get together’s with friends & family! If you are on the lookout for a cute, affordable dress- this is the one! I paired it with my monogrammed clutch and one of my favorite necklaces! Turquoise jewelry seems to go with everything. I especially love how it looks with red! Not only is this dress perfect for Memorial Day, but it’s just a good Summer dress. Plus, it would be cute for the 4th of July too!! I rounded up a few other darling red Summer dresses- all super affordable around $50 or less!

Well I hope you babes have a great start to your week! Sorry I have been a bit MIA. Once we get moved I promise to return to my regular posting schedule! Chat soon girls! xox

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