Aztec Print & A Pink Duster Vest

Aztec Printed Top & Pink Duster Vest c/o Jolinda: LulaRoe  |  similar White Jeans  |  Wedges  |  Kate Spade Tote  |  Earrings  |  Kendra Scott Necklace  |  Watch  |  Bracelet 


Happy Monday! So let’s hop right into this outfit! Clearly I am a big fan of pink & I love the duster trend so this duster vest is SO. ME. I love how you can pop it over an outfit and the extra layer just adds so much to the outfit. And since it’s sleeveless, it’s not miserable in this Summer heat! What you might not know by looking at it though is that it’s LuLaRoe. Yes, that ‘crazy legging‘ company makes cute clothes that I actually LOVE! I personally would have never guessed that this cute pink printed top & vest were LLR pieces because originally my idea of the company was leggings covered in oversized bunnies with eyeglasses eating pink carrots. LOL- SO NOT the case!

Well long story short, I started following Jolinda on Instagram over 4 years ago before I ever shared any outfits myself! ha! She always had the cutest style & I got SO much inspiration from her. Then about a year-ish ago I saw she started selling LuLaRoe. & I’ll be 100% honest with you…  Based on what I knew about it then, I wasn’t a fan. But I hesitantly took a few peeks at the Live Sales she did on Facebook [she makes them SO fun!!] and browsed her website. And much to my surprise, I was finding TONS of things I really, really liked! 

So over the last several months I have personally purchased quite a few things from her! These vests [named ‘Joy’] and a skirt called ‘Madison’ are my favorites! They are great, everyday wear items that seamlessly blended into my closet. The next LuLaRoe piece I want to try is a Sarah- it’s basically a long duster cardigan! I think it’ll be perfect this Fall!

So the BEST thing about Jolinda is she has a HUGE inventory of LuLaRoe. I have a few friends that also sell it but they seem to only carry a few sizes/styles of each piece. Personally I’m not really into the crazy prints and tend to gravitate towards solids or simpler prints! [I got the CUTEST blue & white polka dot skirt and navy floral vest from Jolinda earlier this year!] So when you shop Jolinda’s site you will usually find 10+ prints/colors in each size in every single style. There’s always something I want!! 

So… Here is my REAL, honest view of LuLaRoe [the pieces I’ve tried]: 
>>> They are SOFT. Seriously, all of the things I own are incredibly soft & comfortable! 
>>> There ARE plenty of styles that aren’t too crazy/over the top! 
>>> If you’re interested in trying LLR out for the first time, go with a rep that has a large inventory so you have the MOST to pick from! And I promise there isn’t a sweeter one that Jolinda! 😉 If you follow her Facebook page, you can get all the info you need about how & when to shop! Oh & P.S. – She’s one of the top 100 LLR consultants in the entire country! She really is THAT good!

Have you ever tried LuLaRoe? If not, why? Believe me, I was just as hesitant as you are probably! AND NO- this is NOT a sponsored post & I wasn’t paid to share this outfit! 


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