Beauty Picks I Own, Use & Love | Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Hi, friends! We’ve all fully dived into the Nordstrom Anniversary sale by now I think! ha! But if you haven’t yet, you definitely need to check out the beauty sale. I am definitely NOT a beauty blogger or expert! However, over the years I have slowly found a few products that I truly love and was excited to see some of them included in the Anniversary Sale.  These are all things I have used for quite some time- absolutely nothing here is sponsored. This is all just my real, honest & true opinions / experiences! 

There are lots of great perfume sets included in the sale! Some of the best brands actually! I would like to try several of them actually but wanted to share two of them that I already own and LOVE

Ok, so this is my NUMBER 1 pick from the beauty sale that I think everyone needs!!! I got this scent back in April and fell in love! I clearly remember the first time I wore it my husband commented on it like 10 times. And that’s coming from a guy that typically wouldn’t notice if I smelled like sweat or roses. lol He still loves this scent and so do I! The set included is a great value [$90 for $150 worth of product!] and I highly recommend you grab this! 

Ok, so obviously I love this one too. I’ve had this one for a little over a year and it’s almost gone! 🙁 But I think that’s a true testament to the fact that I do love it and have used it regularly! It’s such a classic and I have tons of friends that also wear this. 

I almost didn’t want to include pictures of this because there’s basically nothing left in it! ha! But I think that’s the point of this post to share things that I actually buy and use myself. I have bought this during the Anniversary Sale the last 2 years and a new bottle is on its way to me! I love this so much because it’s efficient but gentle. And it doesn’t have any incredibly strong scent! It leaves my skin feeling clean and smooth. It also lasts for forevvvvvvver. Totally worth it!

I bought this during the sale 2 years ago! And every year they bring it back I’m always telling my friends that it’s the best time to get it and how much they need it! I use it with the Purity cleanser and the combo is magic. I can literally feel this Clairsonic pulling makeup and dirt out. TMI? ha! Also during the sale the brush head set is discounted as well. I would highly recommend grabbing that with it so you are covered for quite a while!

I was introduced to Supergoop this Spring and think it’s one of the best brands! I am extremely fair skinned so sunscreen is very important for me. This sunscreen mist has totally stood the test on pool days, vacation and just being out in the sun. During the sale you can actually get a 3 pack on super sale! Those three bottles will last you quite a while!

Last December I went to a salon in Vegas that used Oribe products and fell in love! I have been using Oribe shampoo and conditioner ever since. It smells AHHH-mazing! And it doesn’t leave any weird textures on my hair- just super clean and soft. During the sale you can actually grab a set that will allow you to really try this brand out and I can assure you, you won’t be disappointed!

I know there are tons of beauty products on sale and they are getting talked about everywhere on blogs and social media. As I mentioned, I am definitely not a beauty blogger and probably wouldn’t be the greatest at recommending makeups and products I’ve never personally tried. I would say about 90% of my makeup comes from Target and I rarely get brave enough to explore much beyond that. lol BUT- these are the products that I’ve taken a chance on and was thrilled with the results! While they’re on sale, I highly suggest taking advantage & giving them a go! xox

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