Marine Corps Birthday Ball Dresses Under $100

Hi, friends! So as both a Marine wife & fashion blogger I often get questions about where to find the best dresses for the Birthday Ball. My first response is to shop early!! There are literally thousands of Marine wives shopping for dresses around the country at the same time. You definitely want to grab yours while the selection is still wide! And since we all know the military budget calls for affordability, I rounded up 12 super cute dress that are all UNDER $100!

I know there are lots of girls that are weary of ordering a dress like this online. BUT!! Read this first! All of these dresses ship free & come with a free return label! My biggest tip for this is to buy 2 sizes!! Have them both come to your house so you can try them on with different shoes and make sure which one will truly be the best fit. Then, just put the one that doesn’t fit back in the box, stick on the provided return label, and ship that dress right back to them! It’s SO easy and a fail proof way to get the best dress!

Each of the 12 dresses are below! Use the arrows to scroll through them all. I am loving these colors & styles- especially under $100 bucks! You can just click on the dress you love most to go shop it. I really cant tell you enough how important it is to grab one you love early- before the shopping madness really starts! I’d love to hear which one is your favorite! xo


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