Christmas Shopping Guide: Tech Gifts Under $150

Christmas Shopping Guide: Tech Gifts Under $150 by Washington DC blogger Styled Blonde

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Only 7 weeks until Christmas! This weekend I really kicked off my gift shopping in hopes that I can finish by Thanksgiving. I usually still pick up a few last minute things for Jake & Beckam but I plan to have my family list checked off by then! After a recent poll on Instagram, I found out that most of you plan to start some of your shopping soon too. So I thought I would break down my Christmas shopping gift guide into different categories!

Today I’m starting my Christmas Shopping Gift Guide with Tech Gifts Under $150! These could work for guys or girls on your list. I know I would love the lens set for my phone! I’m always snapping pictures on my phone & think it would be fun to use. Another favorite is the long distance touch lamps! So get this– one lamp could be at our house in Virginia & the other at my parents house in Missouri. When you turn yours on, its counterpart will glow too! No matter how far of a distance it is. I think this will be fun when B gets a little older to feel more connected to his grandparents! I was surprised to find so many great tech gifts for under $150! Like this Fire HD tablet, this Fitbit [I have & LOVE it] & this Quadcopter. I actually compiled most of these gifts while I was shopping for the people on my list & thought I might as well share these finds with y’all too!

Speaking of Christmas shopping guide…  I have officially opened the Holiday Shop on my blog! I have generic categories for shopping all things related to Christmas: For Him, For Her, For Kids, Under $25, Christmas PJ’s, Holiday Party Outfits Under $100, & Christmas Decor. There are already tons of products on those pages but I will continue to add more as I find them! So if you find yourself stuck on what to buy someone, come back & see what I’ve added. I spend WAY too much time online shopping [ha!] so I’d like to think I’ve scoured all of the best sites for this Christmas Shopping Guide!



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