Blogging Tip: 9 Easy Steps [with pictures!] to Create Cover Photos for Instastory Highlights

Hey girls! Recently, Instagram rolled out a fun new feature for Instastories! You can now save Instastories to your profile as highlights. They stay here until you delete them instead of the 24 hours they show on the home page. It’s a great way to organize your Instastories, extend the lifespan of content & allow your followers access to the things they specifically want to see! However, I know bloggers spend hours agonizing over their feed to ensure it’s cohesive. The images that are automatically generated from your Instastories don’t always fit perfectly into that cohesiveness. So I’m sharing 9 EASY steps to create Cover Photos for your Instastory Highlights. Discalimer: I am by NO means an expert or Photoshop genius- this is just what I used & what worked for me. There’s probably many ways to do this but for an amateur like me, it’s what worked best! So here are the 9 steps [with pictures!] to create custom Cover Photos for Instastory Highlights!

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