Beckam’s Freshly Picked Story

Freshly Picked Pebble Grey Moccasins  |  Freshly Picked Butterscotch Moccasins  |  Freshly Picked Maritime Sandals  |  Striped Shirt [only $6!]  |  Cuddle & Kind Penguin

This sweet little man will be 2 [TWO!!] next month! It just blows my mind how fast these fleeting moments are flying by. He is a man on the move and is going from the time he wakes up until bedtime! One of his current favorite things? SHOES! He will go pull out shoes from our closet & try to put them on us while we are sitting on the couch. & He always wants to have his shoes on too! However, the moment we hop in the car, he will have his socks & shoes off before we leave the driveway. When he was constantly wearing his Converse, this got reallllllly annoying. We would get somewhere & rain or shine, I would have to stand there and put his shoes on his feet again. But I smarted up on my mom-game & started having him wear his Freshly Picked moccasins which made the whole dilemma a breeze!

Freshly Picked moccs are SO easy to put on. The elastic is easy to slide on their little baby feet! Beckam has been wearing moccasins since before he could even walk. Not even kidding- he has received more compliments on his shoes than I ever have! & Mine are way more expensive 😉 ha! He’s put a lot of miles on his Freshly Picked moccasins… They have ran down Pennsylvania Ave in front of the White House, wondered through the Bronx Zoo, strolled the boardwalk at the beach, and toddled down a dirt road in small town Missouri. I think almost every picture we have of B includes FP moccs! We continue to invest in 2 staple colors: A brown & grey. They go with all of his outfits, are comfortable & easy for him to walk in and are pretty darn cute to boot!

We recently got his first pair of Freshly Picked sandals & with an upcoming move to San Diego, I can’t wait to see what memories those little soles have in store! xo

P.S. Toddlers and pictures are a tough combo. These images were made possible by an episode of Mickey Mouse + his absolute FAVORITE item in the entire world- his Cuddle & Kind penguin named Everest! 

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