10 Tips for Shopping the 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

The countdown is officially on! The biggest sale of the year is here! I literally look forward to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale all year. And starting in April, I try to start saving money for the sale because it’s the one time of year I let myself go a little crazy. Ha! Information about the Anniversary Sale has been blasted all over social media over the past few days. But, in case you’ve missed it, here are the basic facts you need to know and the best 10 tips for Shopping the 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!


View the 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale catalog online HERE!



What: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale- best sale of the year!

When: Early Access is exclusively for Nordstrom cardholders and kicks off on July 12th! Public Access to the sale will begin on July 20th. Read the tips below for why you should consider getting a card for Early Access!

Where: Both in store & online! BUT! Shop online for ALL the options [stores are quite limited!] and to skip the madness.  Or take advantage of one of the tips below to utilize both options!

Why: It really is the best sale of the year! It’s unique because it’s all NEW merchandise for Fall & Winter on major discount. So, shop for the season ahead and get great deals! The prices will go back up to full price at the end of the sale on August 5th. The items I get at the sale [sweaters, jeans, booties, etc.] are what I wear constantly through Fall & Winter!


10 Tips to SHOP the 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 

1. GET THE NORDSTROM CARD! Early Access is only for cardholders and gives you the opportunity to shop a full 7 days before Public Access. That extra week of shopping is huge! There were SO MANY THINGS that sold out last year within the first three days of Public Access. In prior years those things were often restocked during Public Access. But last year they were NOT! So, if you want a chance to buy the best items at the best deals, the card is a must! Sign up here to get it before the sale kicks off!


2. SHOP QUICKLY! It’s crazy how fast things sell out. The most popular items will usually be gone within 12 hours. And popular sizes of many items will start disappearing within a few hours.


3. UTILIZE FREE SHIPPING TO YOUR ADVANTAGE! Check out often! Have something in your cart you know will sell out? Don’t continue browsing, check out ASAP! Since Nordstrom offers free shipping and free returns on ALL orders [regardless of order amount!], use it to your advantage. Even if it means you place a few different orders, it’s the best way to ensure you get the items/sizes/colors you want!


4. SET A BUDGET! With a sale THIS good, it’s easy to get carried away. While I love a good sale as much as the next girl, it’s not worth going into debt or buying way more than you need. This is the main reason I start saving a few months before specifically before the Anniversary Sale so that I know how much I have to spend!


5. LOOK AT WHAT YOU MORE MOST LAST YEAR! Check out your pictures from last Fall/Winter and peek into your closet to see what was worn most. This will give you a good idea of what you will wear most this Fall! OR maybe you remember there was something you wish you had that you can add to your wishlist! This will help you stick to tip #4. For me- I wore the boots/booties and sweaters from the 2017  Anniversary Sale the most last year so those are the things at the top of my list!


6. IF YOU SHOPPED LAST YEAR’S SALE, THINK ABOUT WHAT WAS MOST POPULAR! It’s usually the same styles/brands that sell out quickly year after year. Some of the items that come to mind- BP. Booties, striped cardigans and Tory Burch riding boots.


7. CHECK OUT MY POSTS FROM YEARS PAST! I have been blogging about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for years now. This will give you a glimpse of what to expect on styles, brands and pricing! Here are some of my most popular posts from over the years:

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8. SHOP FOR GIFTS! Since this is a sale where you can get NEW items at SALE prices, it’s the perfect opportunity to shop for birthday gifts, Fall wedding gifts [the home décor section is usually so good!], or even early Christmas presents! Just don’t forget where you store them come December! 😉 OR if you find something you love at a great price but don’t have an exact person/holiday in mind, put it back for a last-minute gift. Last year I bought a few Kendra Scott necklaces because they were marked down to like $28. I was able to pull them out for a few occasions that popped up & I needed a gift for!


9. SHOP ALL ANNIVERSARY SALE SECTIONS- SECOND! As I mentioned, the home goods section is usually great! The kid’s & men’s always have GOOD stuff too! However, these categories are usually slower to sell out. So browse the women’s department first and once you’ve ordered what you want there, head over to the other Anniversary Sale categories!


10. SHOP ONLINE, PICK UP IN STORE! I saved the best tip for last! While not everything will be in store [there are literally thousands of items included in the Anniversary Sale online!], many of the most popular items will be. However, if you’ve never shopped in store during the sale, it’s absolute madness!! So, this is how to get the best of both worlds! Check out everything online from the calmness of your couch, select to pick up in store what is available, and easily pick it up in less than 5 minutes! This means you also get your stuff quicker since you don’t have to wait on shipping 🙂

Hopefully these tips will help you to most effectively take advantage of this amazing sale! I know the Internet is bursting with people talking about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale BUT there is a reason for it… It’s THAT good.

Here is how I will be primarily sharing my favorites from the sale for 2018:

  1. Product Collages
  2. Try-On Session
  3. Instastories
  4. Styling Ideas
  5. Picks by Budget/Category

Happy shopping, friends!! xo

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