8 IN STOCK DUPES of Sold Out Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Items

Hi, friends! As you know, the 2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here & going strong! So strong in fact, that tons of the most popular items have been sold out for over a week! I have spent a fair amount of time searching the Internet to find similar items & have luckily found some AMAZING dupes. In fact, most of the #NSALE dupes look identical AND they are even LESS expensive than the sale item! I have been sharing these to my Instastories as I find them & y’all have been loving them. So I wanted to put my 8 favorite in-stock dupes of sold out Nordstrom Anniversary Sale items into 1, easy to access blog post!

If you have another #NSALE item that is sold out that you are dying to get your hands on, let me know. I will use my free time [read: 1am-5am when Breckyn refuses to sleep LOL] to track down a good dupe!



#NSALE Leopard Lace Cami   |   DUPE Leopard Lace Cami


#NSALE Felt Fedora Hat   |   DUPE Felt Fedora Hat


#NSALE Leopard Cardigan   |   DUPE Leopard Cardigan


#NSALE Pajama Set   |    DUPE Pajama Set


#NSALE Leopard Sweatshirt   |   DUPE Leopard Sweatshirt


#NSALE Pleated Leopard Skirt   |   DUPE Pleated Leopard Skirt


#NSALE Snakeskin Flats   |   DUPE Snakeskin Flats


#NSALE Long Leopard Cardigan   |   DUPE Long Leopard Cardigan


Happy Shopping girlfriends! xo


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