Gift Guide for Couples! Buying a Joint Gift $8 – $80!

When Christmas rolls around, I think one of the hardest gifts to purchase is the inevitable joint gift… The couples gift that you want to make sure BOTH like. I know gift cards are an easy go-to but that can sometimes feel blah. Christmas is more fun opening an actual gift I think 😉 Usually I am purchasing a couples gift because spending $30-$40 on each aunt/uncle/friend/etc. individually really adds up! So I decided to deep dive the Internet & find great couples gift ideas that people will actually like + use AND are budget friendly! Some of these are as low as $8 and go up to $80. However, the 2 higher priced items I think will go on sale much lower for Black Friday / Cyber Monday so keep an eye out. Overall most of these are all well under $50 though!


Couples Gift Ideas

Date Night Bucket List  |  Bean Box Sampler  |  Tile Essentials Pack  |  Personalized Door Mat  |  Amazon Fire TV Stick  |  Shower Speaker  |  Wooden Tic Tac Toe Game  |  Echo Show Codenames Game  |  Bluetooth Turntable  |  Bedside Lamp/Speaker  |  Automatic Ice Cream Maker  Massager with heat  |  Clean/Dirty Magnet  |  Echo Dot  |  Personalized Cutting Board


Couples Gift Ideas.. A few highlights:

… For coffee loving couples, this Bean Box is so cool! They have a few different options with coffee sourced from around the world!

… For the on-the-go couple, this 4 pack of Tile products is so fun! From a slim to the the standard mate to the stickers, these can be put on keys, phones, bags, laptops, etc.

… For the couple that likes to entertain, this Codenames game has AMAZING reviews and would be so fun for a game night!

… For the couple in the kitchen frequently, this automatic ice cream maker is so fun! This could even be a good gift for a whole family to enjoy. I mean, who doesn’t like ice cream?! ha!

… For the couple new to technology, introduce them to all of the Amazon Echo products! The Dot is easy to use and people love discovering all it can do- setting timers, playing music, making calls, etc.


Hopefully you found a few good couples gift ideas in here! I know I have already purchased a few things here for couples on my Christmas shopping list. Hopefully they aren’t reading here 😉  Have a great week, friends! xo




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