2020 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Information: Your Guide to Shopping the #NSALE!

Welcome to your 2020 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Information + Guide to Shopping! With all of the chaos going on in the world, I have been looking forward to this sale for months! It’s always one of my favorite times of year… but definitely even more so this year! The #NSALE looks a little different for 2020. [I’ll explain below!] In this shopping guide I’ll be outlining the details on shopping dates, the preview, my favorites & what to expect for sale coverage here on Styled Blonde!



2020 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Blog Posts:

1. Information + Shopping Guide


WHEN is the 2020 #NSALE?

Here is the biggest change! In years past, Nordstrom cardholders got to shop about two weeks before everyone else did during Public Access. However, this year they are breaking down shopping dates by the category of Nordstrom card you have! This is purely based on spend level! There are 4 tiers and it’s based on how much you’ve spent on your Nordstrom card AT NORDSTROM in the past year.

ICON: August 4th

ABASSADOR: August 7th

INFLUENCER: August 10th

INSIDER: August 13th

As you can see, there is a large gap between when various levels shop. This is a big change from previous years. I will personally be able to start shopping August 7th. But I’ll still be sharing favorite finds on the 4th! If you’re a cardholder, find out what level you are HERE.



What TIME can I start Shopping?

When your level gets access to shop, it begins at 8:30am CST/6:30am PST.


2020 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Preview:

Unlike prior years, there was no catalog mailed out this year. BUT! They did release a preview of ALL sale items on July 24th. This gives everyone a chance to scope out everything included and put together their wishlist! See everything HERE!


What IS the #NSALE?

In case you’re new to shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale & don’t understand the hype… it’s so popular because it’s very different from other sales. The sale is when all of the best NEW styles for Fall are released. And they start out ON SALE! At the end of the Anniversary Sale, the items will go back up to their regular price. So basically it’s a great time to stock up on new things for the upcoming season at a discount!


Styled Blonde / @kelsslayt #NSALE Coverage:

I will be updating with blog posts throughout the sale. However!! It is best to follow me on Instagram: @kelsslayt because I will share more there! Expect Instagram posts with Fall outfit inspiration, how to wear the sale items NOW & more. In addition, stay tuned to my Instastories! I will be doing frequent try-ons showing multiple ways to wear items, a close up look at the most popular finds, and most importantly!!! I will be updating restock info ASAP! It’s no secret the popular things sell out quick. I’m talking within hours sometimes. So I will be glued to those items, looking for restocks and will share them to Instastories immediately!


Shopping IN STORE vs. ONLINE:

If you’ve never shopped the sale in store, it is HECTIC. They have areas roped off that house the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale items. Tons of people are there. & Most stores get very limited sizing and color selection. [Ex. a cardigan comes in 5 colors. Most stores may only get 2 0r 3 of the colors.] Add in all things Covid & wearing a mask… Online is definitely the place to be! OR! Even better… Nordstrom has the option for curbside pick up if you live near a store! So you can shop from the comfort of your home and select curbside/in-store pick up for ease & convenience.



I’ve already browsed allllllll the pages of the #NSALE. Multiple times. ha! I’ve saved all of my favorites & shared it so you can see too! On my blog, at the top, in the center you will see a title in the toolbar named Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. If you hover over that, you will see a drop down menu of each category of the #NSALE. Select whichever you want to see & all of my favorites are there! This makes it super easy to view AND shop!! Save that page for when the sale goes live to easily access the things that are sure to sell out quick!



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