Walmart+ : The New Membership Your Family Needs!

Welcome to my circus & say hello to my 3 monkeys 😉

A brief scroll of these pictures & you will quickly understand my love of Walmart+! If you’re unfamiliar, Walmart+ is a membership program that offers FREE same day grocery delivery on orders $35+ to your front door! [restrictions apply!] Gone are the days of loading up the kids & dragging them through the grocery aisles. I can now order ALL the groceries I need from the Walmart app in about 5 minutes & schedule them to be delivered to my door. I cannot stress enough what a time saver this has been!


Keep reading for a few ways Walmart+ has been a game-changer for us!


As a busy, working mom of 3 with a Marine husband that is gone a LOT, Walmart+ has become a membership I’m not sure how I lived without.

3 favorite benefits of my Walmart+ Membership:

1. No price mark ups! You pay the exact same price that you would get in store! No hidden fees!

2. Same fresh, high quality groceries you expect! After receiving many deliveries I have personally had nothing but fresh produce, healthy ingredients, etc!

3. So quick & easy! I have the things I order most often in my ‘favorites’ list on the Walmart app so it takes just a few minutes to buzz through & add to cart.


At first I wasn’t sure how much a Walmart+ membership would come in handy for me. But after having the membership for a few weeks I wanted to share 5 instances when it has come in clutch!


1. A few weeks ago I planned to grill hamburgers for dinner. I got everything prepped in the morning. Then, during nap time, my ‘sweet’ [ha!] German Shepherd decided the hamburger buns would make a great snack. But instead of having to load up all 3 kids & go to the store just for buns I was able to quickly order and have them delivered. Along with some ice cream too 😉

2. Now that we are only a few hours from our family we have guests visit so much more often! I LOVE that my kids get to see their grandparents/aunts & uncles/cousins more regularly. But I am sometimes in a time pinch prepping for visitors! So the last few times our family has been on the way, I can have groceries delivered while I am cleaning up the house! It’s basically like killing two birds with one stone!

3. Since we ARE so close to our family now, we make frequent roadtrips to visit them too! But the best way to make a 3 hour roadtrip go smoothly with 3 little kids? SNACKS. SNACKS. & More SNACKS. ha! So last weekend before we made the trip, I simply ordered the kids favorite things + a few extra baby things I needed. I was able to get those delivered while I was packing everyone up!

4. We unfortunately had a round of sickness pass through the kids recently. It was one of the situations where you do NOT want the kids in your car. ha! And of course Jake was gone for all of this 😉 But I was able to have things delivered to the house so I didn’t have to risk getting sick kids in the car.

5. Probably the most surprising way Walmart+ has come in handy was for a date night outfit! A few weekends ago Jake & I were able to escape for a quick date night. It was the first one in a LONG time and I was so excited! Y’all know my love for all things Walmart fashion so of course I wanted to grab something new to wear. So I actually had this dress delivered about an hour before we left! And, side note, with Walmart+ you actually get free shipping from with NO ORDER MINIMUM! [excludes freight/Marketplace items]


These are just a few specific ways that Walmart+ has been a lifesaver for me! Of course anytime I can save time and NOT have to load the kids in the car & drive 15 minutes to the store, is always an appreciated WIN!


Evidence #1 of Beckam not being thrilled I told him we needed to take pictures BEFORE opening the Oreos LOL

With back to school just around the corner, I know life is about to get even busier! Since I now have the Walmart+ membership I know it will come in handy when I run out of snacks for Beckam’s lunch, need last minute school supplies or have to grab something last minute for the spirit week dress up days!

So if you’re like me & a little skeptical of how handy Walmart+ might be for your family, give their 15 day FREE trial a whirl. This is the best way to test out how much it works for you! Although I can almost promise you at the end of the 15 days, you will be happily signing up for a Walmart+ membership and only regretting it took you this long to try it LOL  At least that’s how it was for me!


Also- this is very much real life. Peep the TV remote Beckam ‘hid’ under the bar stools haha

& Evidence #2. I’ll let you guess who is still mad they can’t have Oreos yet. haha

SHOP our outfits:

similar if not exact

Kelssey: Camo Pullover // Denim Shorts

Breckyn: Striped Dress // Ruffle Jean Jacket

Beckam: T-Shirt // Jean Shorts

Breckyn: Romper

Shop more outfits featuring Walmart favorites HERE.


A big thank you to Walmart for the opportunity to work together in sharing today’s post!

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