I Want More of THIS in 2022

OMG y’all! She is PROUD of these chocolate chip cookies! Thanks to Walmart+ for sponsoring this post!

A New Year always brings talk of new resolutions, new goals or a new focus word of the year. For me, I want more of THIS in 2022. Simple moments with my family, making memories, soaking up the chaos that is 3 littles running around. Skipping the stress of messes, worries about a long to-do list and not opting to  vacuum over playing dress up with my kids. It took about five minutes for Breckyn & I, or should I say QUEEN Breckyn ;), to make a pan of chocolate chip cookies. It was such a SMALL part of my day but she loved it & talked about it all day long. THAT is exactly what I want more of this year.


Looking at ways to make more time for moments like this, Walmart+ was the first thing to pop in my mind! We’ve had a membership for over 6 months now and I’ve shared many times that I couldn’t love it more. It was convenient during back to school time, a lifesaver over the holidays & is now a life-line to how I want to organize our schedule in the New Year. I’m so thankful there are options like this available in 2022 to make family time a priority!


How exactly does Walmart+ create more family time?

FREE, SAME DAY delivery!

This applies to orders of $35 minimum, some restrictions apply. Whether it’s last minute things I need for dinner, a desperate toilet paper restock, or a teething baby that needs medicine, Walmart+ comes to the rescue. The app is SUPER easy to use & I keep our most frequently purchased items favorited. I can then add everything to my cart in a few minutes. But the best part of all- you get the SAME low prices that are available in-store on all the high quality, fresh food you love. I think the no mark-ups is what makes Walmart+ such a stand out!


If eating healthier is a goal for your family this year, Walmart+ is a no brainer! NO stress if you don’t have time to plan + prep your meals a week in advance… Just schedule a delivery whenever you need it [even every day if necessary!] so you can stick to your healthy plan!


If you haven’t given Walmart+ a try yet, you can click HERE to get a FREE 15 day trial. It’s an easy way to check out the membership and see how it works for your family!


I used to dread writing out a grocery list, taking the kids to the store, trying to find everything, checking out, loading in the car, unloading at home, etc. It was SUCH a process that wasn’t fun for anyone. & It took HOURS each week. Now I spend 10 minutes or less adding things to my online grocery cart to check out. & Then I don’t have to do ANYTHING until it shows up on my front porch. The time saved is PRICELESS!

& I now use that time playing with my kids. Making memories. SO worth it. ❤️


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