Fall Home Updates with Enbrighten Smart Plugs

Hi, friends! I’ve clearly got my closet ready Fall so we recently took the time to get the rest of the house decorated & ready for the season too! We added pumpkins everywhere and bought some beautiful mums + hay for outdoors. But one of my favorite home additions we made are these lights from Enbrighten! Not only did it add some much needed, functional light to our backyard but also sets a fun mood in a place love to hang out on Fall nights. However, the BEST thing we added isn’t the actual lights… It’s the WiFi Outdoor Smart Plugs powering the lights that are AMAZING.


Basically… The Enbrighten WiFi Outdoor Smart Plug allows you to program the lights [or whatever you plug into it!] via their app. You can then schedule things to turn on & off, power them remotely with the app, or my favorite, turn them on/off with Alexa! We elected to schedule the lights to turn on every night at sunset & then off around bedtime. The best part is you can use the Enbrighten Smart Plug for SO much more than just decorative lights! They can also be used to power landscape lights, holiday decor [I’m thinking it will be perfect for Christmas lights!!], security lights or any other outdoor appliance. You can then use the WiFi features like scheduling & Alexa to turn them on/off so easily!

Beckam loved clicking the buttons for the auto setup of the Smart Plugs in the Enbrighten app!

& Breckyn couldn’t stop pushing the button on the outdoor Smart Plug… she thought it was so funny to see the lights turn on & off!

Enbrighten also made a WiFi Smart Plug designed for indoor use too! I can literally think of 1,000 different scenarios where this is the most convenient thing EVER. We currently have one powering a lamp on our entry table! The Enbrighten Indoor Smart Plug simply plugs into the wall and then you just plug in whatever you want to that! Use this on lamps, fans, electronics, appliances, etc. The list is endless! Not only does this make turning things on & off so convenient with Alexa [or Google Home!] but you can strategically program them to come on at specific times! Think: turn a light off when you need to leave in the morning so you know if you’re running late, schedule a fan to come on at bedtime, have your curling iron AND coffee maker on & ready go in the morning & more! Also, this works great if your forget to turn something OFF because you can easily do it from the Enbrighten app!


We started with just 1 outdoor & 1 indoor Enbrighten WiFi Smart Plug but will definitely be adding more. The set up was incredibly simple too! It took less than 5 minutes to download the app, create an account & auto setup the Enbrighten Smart Plugs! Beckam thought it was so cool to help click the buttons to get everything ready. But his favorite part is turning lights on & off with Alexa now! We may or may not have had to limit him to a few times a day... otherwise lights would be on & off constantly 😉

The set up process of connecting the Smart Plugs to the app couldn’t have been easier!

We added the Indoor Smart Plug to this lamp on our entry table!

That small device is the Smart Plug that has been such a game changer!


Clearly these Enbrighten WiFi Smart Plugs have been a fun addition to our house! I love how easy they are to use + how much they simply things. You can find them online HERE or shop them easily at Lowe’s! Also… I think these could make a GREAT birthday/Christmas gift for someone on your list. I think everyone with any kind of lifestyle could find a practical way to utilize these Enbrighten WiFi Smart Plugs!



Thank you to Enbrighten for sponsoring this post!