5 Favorite Beauty Buys Under $25

Hey gals! I don’t blog much about my beauty buys because I’m not a huge product junkie but I do have a few current favorites that I can’t help but share! Surprisingly, beauty is the one area that I’m often kind of ‘cheap’ in [vs. clothes/shoes/bags/jewelry] & I really don’t use a ton of products. But today I want to share 5 items that I’m currently loving that are all under $25!

P.S. There is also an insane giveaway at the end of this post!!


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Beauty Picks I Own, Use & Love | Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Hi, friends! We’ve all fully dived into the Nordstrom Anniversary sale by now I think! ha! But if you haven’t yet, you definitely need to check out the beauty sale. I am definitely NOT a beauty blogger or expert! However, over the years I have slowly found a few products that I truly love and was excited to see some of them included in the Anniversary Sale.  These are all things I have used for quite some time- absolutely nothing here is sponsored. This is all just my real, honest & true opinions / experiences! 

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The Best Beauty Products On A Budget

Over the years, I’ve watched countless YouTube videos and read more blogs than I can count about the best beauty products. However, on a teacher budget, many of those products just aren’t affordable for me. Through the process of trial & error, I think I have found several great products that won’t break the bank!
Below are my top 10 beauty products that will fit in almost any budget! 

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