Freshly Picked: Black Friday Sale

Attention ALL mom friends!! [or those that need to buy a gift for a baby/toddler!] Freshly Picked is my absolute FAVORITE go-to for buying Beckam’s shoes! They have everything from moccasins to sandals, and high tops to boots. Every time B wears his Freshly Picked shoes, we get tons of compliments! AND! In addition to shoes, we also have a Freshly Picked diaper bag. I swear by it! It’s what I recommend to all of my friends. There are tons of color options and the size is perfect. Plus, I can’t imagine NOT having a back pack style bag! For Black Friday not only are they having a big Freshly Picked Sale BUT!! below I’m going to tell you how you can get an EXTRA 20% off + FREE shipping on top of the sale prices! And also look below for exact links to the products we own + what I am wanting to get during the sale!

Fringe Benefits

I’ve been a Fringe member since they rolled the program out last Spring. It seriously has the best benefits of any retailers program I’ve been part of! So here are the details…

1. It cost $10/month. BUT! That $10 goes into your account. So basically a gift card! You can spend that $10 at anytime! I usually let mine accumulate over a few months and then use a big credit to get Beckam a pair of shoes for either free or super cheap.

2. You get 20% off everything. ALWAYS! It applies to brand new items and can even be stacked on top of ALL sale prices!!

3. FREE shipping! There is no order minimum if you’re a Fringe Member!

4. Early sale access! You get to see the big sales before everyone else!

So basically it was a no-brainer for me! You can also cancel at anytime, there is no contract or anything. You are basically just putting $10/month into a Freshly Picked savings account to use at a later time. And then they reward you for doing so with 20% off + free shipping. SO good! You can sign up here. [this will let you access today’s big sale with the benefits!!]


Favorite Products

Their moccasins are easily a favorite! Beckam owns several basic colors which is great because they match every outfit! Freshly Picked also has tons of fun colors and even character ones! Everything from Mickey Mouse to leopard to Marvel. They are super easy to get on and off and look cute with both jeans and shorts! ***Great gift option!! [See the baby moccasins here!]

The Freshly Picked diaper bag is my #1 recommendation! This is the best time to buy it if you’re currently expecting or need something that is easier to use! They also have recently released tons of other bag styles including this clutch!

If you have a toddler, you have got to check out all of these shoes. I recently ordered Beckam a pair of the high tops but am hoping to get him a pair of the sneakers and slip-ons during this sale. Lots of color options too!!

Let me know if y’all have any questions! HAPPY SHOPPING!! xo

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Any Mom!

Pink Tassel Earrings  |  Mama Ring  |  Oklahoma Necklace OU Bracelet  |  Leather Coin Purse  |  Kendra Scott Earrings  Pink Scallop Tote

Mother’s Day is next weekend!! One of the worst parts about our military life is not getting to celebrate the day with my mom. I am so fortunate to have been blessed with the BEST mom and hate not getting to spend more time with her! She taught me so much about what being the best mom looks like. Beckam is one lucky little man to have her as his Grammy! As much as I LOVE my mom- she can be a little tricky to shop for… So I wanted to share a few gift ideas in case you’re in the same boat!

Slip Silk Pillowcase  |  Initial Mug  |  Oklahoma 4 Piece Glass Set  |  Sooners Vintage Sweater  Aromatherapy Diffuser  |  Boyfriend Pullover

Obviously all of the best moms are OU fans! 😉 ha! But seriously- if your momma happens to be a Sooner fan, you’ve got to check out the online bookstore. SO many cute Summer tops, cozy sweatshirts and plenty of fun accessories! If your mom isn’t a college sports fan, I found tons of other great [affordable] gift ideas like these monogram sandals for $20, this pink scallop tote for $50 & this O-Venture key ring! Or, if your mom is like me, a massage might be at the top of her wishlist 😉


Monogram Sandals Tervis OU Cup O-Venture Key Ring  |  Floral S’Well  |  Baseball Hat  |  Freshly Picked Backpack

I hope y’all enjoy your weekend! & Don’t forget to get your Mother’s Day gifts ordered ASAP! OR if you’re a mom- don’t forget to remind your husband that it’s next weekend 😉 ha!

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Y’all there is only a little over 2 weeks until one of my favorite holidays! I can’t believe how fast the beginning of 2017 has gone but I am counting down to Valentine’s Day! Since it’s one of the first big holidays of the year, it’s always fun to celebrate and plan out a few fun things to do. While it’s definitely a holiday all about ‘love‘ it doesn’t have to be limited to your significant other! It’s a fun, festive time of year to celebrate ALL of the love in your life… family & friends included! 

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