Baking for Fall with Walmart Home

Baking with Beckam! And by baking I mean making a BIG mess + a few small cookies. ha! Totally worth it for an afternoon of memories though!


It’s finally Fall & that means it’s time to start baking all of my favorite Fall treats & hosting family get togethers. Whether for game days or holidays, there are going to be many meals cooked here over the next few months! After losing a few kitchen items in our cross-country move, I knew I needed a quick restock of some kitchen items. & With the love I have for shopping all things Walmart, they were my first stop. And they definitely did not disappoint! I’m absolutely thrilled with the Walmart home finds AND the prices!

As much as I have come to love Walmart fashion over the last few years, the Walmart HOME section has blown me away even more! Everything from home decor to kitchen appliances to bakeware… they have the BEST options. You might remember that over the Summer I decorated our guest bedroom and every. single. thing. is from Walmart! You can see how it turned out HERE. & Now my kitchen is slowly becoming a Walmart home showroom too ūüėČ ha!





  1. 3 piece mixing bowl set: They have this pretty white marble look [+ more options!] and they come with lids! I also love that they are plastic… AKA not breakable- a must with kids. The entire set is under $15!
  2. Farm apple pumpkin candle: I LOVE these candles and the new Fall scents are amazing! They are huge, under $12 and smell so good. My entire house smells like Fall with this candle and it makes me so happy!
  3. Set of kitchen hand towels: Such a great mix of black & white prints! Get all 5 for under $15!
  4. Wood rolling pin: Can you believe I’ve been married for 11 years & have NEVER owned one of these!? Ha! I’ve used canned goods to roll things out far too often. So when I saw this for under $10, I couldn’t NOT get it!
  5. Black & white dot 12 piece dinnerware set: MY #1 FAVORITE!! These are even better in person! I love the print, the gold detail around the sides and the price! Get all 12 pieces [4 full place settings] for less than $50.


Have YOU decorated for Fall!?

Since it’s finally Fall [whether the weather is acting like it or not!], it’s time to decorate for the new season! Walmart has all the best [& super affordable!] decor for your home. I have + love this wreath under $20, this cute Fall sign & this pumpkin stack. Browse through all of the Fall home decor HERE.

One of the best parts of heading into this time of year is more time spent with family & friends! I feel like we hang out with friends to watch football games, host or go to our families for holidays, and take dishes for potlucks to work/school. All of this means you need good & reliable bakeware. Most of what I had was still from our wedding registry in 2010. It was time for a small upgrade! This glassware set has 7 pieces and is less than $15! Such a steal for the set! & I also love this copper bakeware set with 2 cookie sheets, 2 pie pans & 2 muffin tins. It’s super affordable and looks great too.


Beckam & I had so much fun baking cookies & I know he will definitely be asking to do it again soon! If only I could somehow get him to clean the dishes, I’d totally be up for this every day ūüėČ ha!


KELSSEY’S outfit: Cable Knit Sweater¬† |¬† Button Fly Jeans

BECKAM’S outfit: Olive Green Button Down¬† |¬† Jeans


Thank you to Walmart HOME for sponsoring this post. I appreciate your partnership!

After School Snack Prep with Walmart+


Beckam started Kindergarten a few weeks ago & so far EVERYday, when he climbs in the car after school, his first question is ‘What’s my snack today?’ ha! I mean… I love a good snack too so I can’t blame him ūüėČ We usually rotate between goldfish, popsicles, apples & avocados most frequently. BUT! He just put in a special request for a ‘snack board!’ We haven’t had one of these in a while & it’s basically a kid-friendly charcuterie board so DUH! I am here for it!!


I immediately hopped onto my Walmart+ membership account to place my delivery order! Since these are things I order often, they were already saved to my favorites. I added all the fruits, veggies, crackers & cheese to my cart and checked out in less than 5 minutes. The next morning everything was delivered [for FREE!] right to our door… Which means, I didn’t have to drag the girls out, #WIN! Breckyn & I got to work cleaning and prepping all the goods. I think it goes without saying we did our fair share of snacking while putting together the snack board. Whoops. lol



I am certainly NO charcuterie expert. Nothing fancy over here! I am pretty sure Breckyn was eating things faster than I could lay them all out! ūüėČ But we finally got it all pieced together! I LOVE doing ‘snack boards’ because it’s basically just a fancier way to get my kids to eat a whole bunch of healthy stuff! Plus, I love snacking on all of these goodies too!



Walmart+ Membership Details

With our Walmart+ membership I was able to get all of these fresh, high quality ingredients right to the door, super easily, with FREE delivery! [on orders over $35, some restrictions apply!] I’ve talked before about all the amazing ways Walmart+ has come in clutch for us as a busy family of 5. Between packing lunches, after school snacks, and soccer practice treats, being able to have what I need delivered to my door has saved SO much time. & One of my favorite features… there are NO mark-ups! You pay the same low, in-store prices. We are big fans of Walmart+!

Check out the FREE 15 day trial of Walmart+ HERE.


& Since I clearly didn’t use all of the fresh fruits & veggies, I stored them away in THESE food containers. I’ve had a set of them for about a year & finally decided to order more. So I actually added them to my Walmart+ grocery delivery and they came with the food. ha! Talk about convenience! Since the kids love these snacks so much, this food won’t last long but at least it’s all cleaned & ready to eat over the next few days!



Oh & P.S… Beckam LOVED this when I picked him up and brought him home. I didn’t even have a chance to snap a pick before these kiddos scarfed down the entire tray!



Kelssey: Pumpkin Spice Dress  |  Plaid Flannel

Breckyn: Ruffle Jean Jacket  |  Leopard Skirt Set

Brylee: Leopard Outfit 



Shop more outfits featuring Walmart favorites HERE!

& Thank you to Walmart for their partnership on this post!

Affordable Fall Home Decor

Tall Pumpkin  //  Woven Pumpkin  //  Fabric Pumpkin  //  Pumpkin Stack 

Buffalo Plaid Rug  //  Welcome Mat  //  Wooden Tray  //  Cable Knit Blanket

Buffalo Plaid Pillows  //  Wooden Stool  // Candle Holders  //  Thankful Tray

Candle  //  Fall Wreath




With September just a few days away, I can’t help but start shopping all of the new affordable Fall home decor! So many cute new things from Walmart & Target at great prices. I can’t wait to add a few of these finds to my Fall collection! I plan to pull it all out & decorate soon! If Starbucks can release the Pumpkin Spice Latte already, then I think I can put the pumpkins out too ūüėČ ha! I ordered a few of these & will be sharing them on my Instagram! You can stay tuned to my LTK posts to shop everything I share too. Happy shopping, friends!