Baby GIRL Layton is coming in June 2019! I shared our big news on Instagram a few days ago but also wanted to share here with a few more details. I am actually due on my birthday, June 16th! What a special 29th birthday gift that would be. 🙂  Beckam turns 3 in April and at the moment, he is so thrilled about a baby sister. We will see how that changes once a fussy baby is part of his daily life 😉 ha!

We found out this exciting news about a week before Halloween. It has been the HARDEST secret to keep! We told most of our family and friends at Christmas when we were back in Missouri. It’s way more fun to share the news in person as oppose to over the phone! While we were visiting we also secretly scheduled an appointment to find out the gender. I wanted to do a mini gender reveal while we were with out family! And funny story… Somehow Beckam actually called it being a girl long before we knew either way. At some point in November we started asking him if he wanted a baby brother or baby sister. And every single time he answered excitedly, baby sister! If you know much about 2 year olds you know they change their mind ALL the time so the fact that literally EVERY time he answered the same, was a big deal!

When Jake & I went to the appointment to find out the gender, I wanted to be surprised. I wanted to find out the reveal with our family later that day. I wanted Jake to be surprised too but he is super stubborn and was stuck on knowing right then and there. ha! So needless to say I had my eyes closed the entire appointment so the tech could point out the ‘parts’ to Jake. I was worried he would give it away at some point in the day but he was cool as a cucumber! He got a big black balloon and filled it with the correct colored confetti!

Later that night when all of our family was together we told them to meet us outside. No one knew we could even find out the gender because I was only about 15 weeks! So everyone was THRILLED they were getting to find out so soon. I was super anxious because it was killing me that Jake already knew and I didn’t! ha! It was such a FUN surprise to find out we are having a baby girl with all of our family there. Since we live 2,000 miles from our family, it’s not often we get to experience big moments with them so I seriously will always treasure that memory!

Now that we are back in California we are starting the process of getting ready for baby girl! We actually just upgraded Beckam to a big boy bed this week. We are storing the crib until later this Spring when we actually set up baby girl’s room. For now it’s a guest room and we have family coming in the next few months and don’t want to take their space just yet 😉 But you better believe I am already window shopping for all of the pinks & golds for a nursery. I can’t wait to put it together!

We have about 21 weeks left & time is flying. One of the really important things we need to figure out is a name. ha! Jake & I can’t really agree on anything but it wasn’t until I was 25-ish weeks that we decided on Beckam’s name. & Because of the complications I had with Beckam I do have to go to the doctors office weekly + get weekly injections. It’s definitely not fun but if it means a full term baby this time around, I am all for it!

I will keep y’all posted as time goes! Thanks for reading! xo

Attention ALL mom friends!! [or those that need to buy a gift for a baby/toddler!] Freshly Picked is my absolute FAVORITE go-to for buying Beckam’s shoes! They have everything from moccasins to sandals, and high tops to boots. Every time B wears his Freshly Picked shoes, we get tons of compliments! AND! In addition to shoes, we also have a Freshly Picked diaper bag. I swear by it! It’s what I recommend to all of my friends. There are tons of color options and the size is perfect. Plus, I can’t imagine NOT having a back pack style bag! For Black Friday not only are they having a big Freshly Picked Sale BUT!! below I’m going to tell you how you can get an EXTRA 20% off + FREE shipping on top of the sale prices! And also look below for exact links to the products we own + what I am wanting to get during the sale!

Fringe Benefits

I’ve been a Fringe member since they rolled the program out last Spring. It seriously has the best benefits of any retailers program I’ve been part of! So here are the details…

1. It cost $10/month. BUT! That $10 goes into your account. So basically a gift card! You can spend that $10 at anytime! I usually let mine accumulate over a few months and then use a big credit to get Beckam a pair of shoes for either free or super cheap.

2. You get 20% off everything. ALWAYS! It applies to brand new items and can even be stacked on top of ALL sale prices!!

3. FREE shipping! There is no order minimum if you’re a Fringe Member!

4. Early sale access! You get to see the big sales before everyone else!

So basically it was a no-brainer for me! You can also cancel at anytime, there is no contract or anything. You are basically just putting $10/month into a Freshly Picked savings account to use at a later time. And then they reward you for doing so with 20% off + free shipping. SO good! You can sign up here. [this will let you access today’s big sale with the benefits!!]


Favorite Products

Their moccasins are easily a favorite! Beckam owns several basic colors which is great because they match every outfit! Freshly Picked also has tons of fun colors and even character ones! Everything from Mickey Mouse to leopard to Marvel. They are super easy to get on and off and look cute with both jeans and shorts! ***Great gift option!! [See the baby moccasins here!]

The Freshly Picked diaper bag is my #1 recommendation! This is the best time to buy it if you’re currently expecting or need something that is easier to use! They also have recently released tons of other bag styles including this clutch!

If you have a toddler, you have got to check out all of these shoes. I recently ordered Beckam a pair of the high tops but am hoping to get him a pair of the sneakers and slip-ons during this sale. Lots of color options too!!

Let me know if y’all have any questions! HAPPY SHOPPING!! xo

Freshly Picked Pebble Grey Moccasins  |  Freshly Picked Butterscotch Moccasins  |  Freshly Picked Maritime Sandals  |  Striped Shirt [only $6!]  |  Cuddle & Kind Penguin

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