I Want More of THIS in 2022

OMG y’all! She is PROUD of these chocolate chip cookies! Thanks to Walmart+ for sponsoring this post!

A New Year always brings talk of new resolutions, new goals or a new focus word of the year. For me, I want more of THIS in 2022. Simple moments with my family, making memories, soaking up the chaos that is 3 littles running around. Skipping the stress of messes, worries about a long to-do list and not opting to  vacuum over playing dress up with my kids. It took about five minutes for Breckyn & I, or should I say QUEEN Breckyn ;), to make a pan of chocolate chip cookies. It was such a SMALL part of my day but she loved it & talked about it all day long. THAT is exactly what I want more of this year.


Looking at ways to make more time for moments like this, Walmart+ was the first thing to pop in my mind! We’ve had a membership for over 6 months now and I’ve shared many times that I couldn’t love it more. It was convenient during back to school time, a lifesaver over the holidays & is now a life-line to how I want to organize our schedule in the New Year. I’m so thankful there are options like this available in 2022 to make family time a priority!


How exactly does Walmart+ create more family time?

FREE, SAME DAY delivery!

This applies to orders of $35 minimum, some restrictions apply. Whether it’s last minute things I need for dinner, a desperate toilet paper restock, or a teething baby that needs medicine, Walmart+ comes to the rescue. The app is SUPER easy to use & I keep our most frequently purchased items favorited. I can then add everything to my cart in a few minutes. But the best part of all- you get the SAME low prices that are available in-store on all the high quality, fresh food you love. I think the no mark-ups is what makes Walmart+ such a stand out!


If eating healthier is a goal for your family this year, Walmart+ is a no brainer! NO stress if you don’t have time to plan + prep your meals a week in advance… Just schedule a delivery whenever you need it [even every day if necessary!] so you can stick to your healthy plan!


If you haven’t given Walmart+ a try yet, you can click HERE to get a FREE 15 day trial. It’s an easy way to check out the membership and see how it works for your family!


I used to dread writing out a grocery list, taking the kids to the store, trying to find everything, checking out, loading in the car, unloading at home, etc. It was SUCH a process that wasn’t fun for anyone. & It took HOURS each week. Now I spend 10 minutes or less adding things to my online grocery cart to check out. & Then I don’t have to do ANYTHING until it shows up on my front porch. The time saved is PRICELESS!

& I now use that time playing with my kids. Making memories. SO worth it. ❤️


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12 Holiday Walmart Outfits

2021 Holiday season is here which means it’s time for Holiday Walmart Outfits! One of my favorite try-ons to do every year is with the Walmart holiday new arrivals! This is my 3rd year sharing these looks [see 2019 here!] and it might be my favorite yet! Think leopard, sequins, velvet, sparkles, plaids and more! All of the fun prints & textures that make holiday outfits more fun. The best part about these is that they are all super affordable too. I’ve made it pretty clear that I love Walmart fashion over the years but these outfits are some of the best!  Direct links to the holiday Walmart finds are below each pic + a LTK link to shop the entire outfit!


12 Holiday Walmart Outfits

Sequin Mini Dress

SHOP all outfit details HERE


Gold Pleated Midi Skirt

SHOP all outfit details HERE


Embellished Sleeve Sweater

Faux Leather Pants

SHOP all outfit details HERE


Cut Out Turtleneck Sweater

Pleated Leopard Skirt

SHOP all outfit details HERE


Sequin Off the Shoulder Top

SHOP all outfit details HERE


Gold Button Blazer

Smocked Waist Mini Dress

SHOP all outfit details HERE


Sequin Joggers 

SHOP all outfit details HERE


Leopard Bow Back Blouse 

SHOP all outfit details HERE


Velvet Ruffle Hem Dress

SHOP all outfit details HERE


Black Sequin Off the Shoulder Top

Plush Velour Joggers

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Crushed Velvet Boyfriend Blazer

Leopard Peplum Cami

SHOP all outfit details HERE


Rose Gold Sequin Midi Dress

SHOP all outfit details HERE


Happy holiday outfit shopping, friends! xo

After School Snack Prep with Walmart+


Beckam started Kindergarten a few weeks ago & so far EVERYday, when he climbs in the car after school, his first question is ‘What’s my snack today?’ ha! I mean… I love a good snack too so I can’t blame him 😉 We usually rotate between goldfish, popsicles, apples & avocados most frequently. BUT! He just put in a special request for a ‘snack board!’ We haven’t had one of these in a while & it’s basically a kid-friendly charcuterie board so DUH! I am here for it!!


I immediately hopped onto my Walmart+ membership account to place my delivery order! Since these are things I order often, they were already saved to my favorites. I added all the fruits, veggies, crackers & cheese to my cart and checked out in less than 5 minutes. The next morning everything was delivered [for FREE!] right to our door… Which means, I didn’t have to drag the girls out, #WIN! Breckyn & I got to work cleaning and prepping all the goods. I think it goes without saying we did our fair share of snacking while putting together the snack board. Whoops. lol



I am certainly NO charcuterie expert. Nothing fancy over here! I am pretty sure Breckyn was eating things faster than I could lay them all out! 😉 But we finally got it all pieced together! I LOVE doing ‘snack boards’ because it’s basically just a fancier way to get my kids to eat a whole bunch of healthy stuff! Plus, I love snacking on all of these goodies too!



Walmart+ Membership Details

With our Walmart+ membership I was able to get all of these fresh, high quality ingredients right to the door, super easily, with FREE delivery! [on orders over $35, some restrictions apply!] I’ve talked before about all the amazing ways Walmart+ has come in clutch for us as a busy family of 5. Between packing lunches, after school snacks, and soccer practice treats, being able to have what I need delivered to my door has saved SO much time. & One of my favorite features… there are NO mark-ups! You pay the same low, in-store prices. We are big fans of Walmart+!

Check out the FREE 15 day trial of Walmart+ HERE.


& Since I clearly didn’t use all of the fresh fruits & veggies, I stored them away in THESE food containers. I’ve had a set of them for about a year & finally decided to order more. So I actually added them to my Walmart+ grocery delivery and they came with the food. ha! Talk about convenience! Since the kids love these snacks so much, this food won’t last long but at least it’s all cleaned & ready to eat over the next few days!



Oh & P.S… Beckam LOVED this when I picked him up and brought him home. I didn’t even have a chance to snap a pick before these kiddos scarfed down the entire tray!



Kelssey: Pumpkin Spice Dress  |  Plaid Flannel

Breckyn: Ruffle Jean Jacket  |  Leopard Skirt Set

Brylee: Leopard Outfit 



Shop more outfits featuring Walmart favorites HERE!

& Thank you to Walmart for their partnership on this post!