Colorful Travel Products & My Top 10 Packing Tips

After a recent trip to New Orleans & with several upcoming trips, I thought I would share a few packing tips I’ve learned over the years. Since we live away from our family, we do a lot of traveling. Through all of our trips & travels, I’ve figured out how to make the best of the space you have. 

I was recently introduced to mywalit products and they have been a game changer. First of all, the Italian leather smells so good and it is buttery soft! Plus, the bright colors are so fun and make it easy to pick out my things! They just introduced a travel collection [in addition to all of their other leather goods] that is perfect for anyone with a trip or vacation this Spring / Summer. From iPad and laptop cases to handbags & more, mywalit has something for everyone. Actually, make that somethings. ha! You seriously won’t find a better collection of high quality leather items, in bright & fun colors at a better price! 

I wanted to share my top 10 packing tips of ways to maximize your space without sacrificing the things you need. Take it from me- there have been far too may times I have both OVER packed and UNDER packed. Neither are fun. So below are the guidelines I follow to make every trip easy! 

TIP 1: Make a packing list! Before a trip I literally go through and put on every single outfit [top, bottoms, shoes, jewelry, bag] to make sure I like how it looks together! I then write it all out so I don’t stand at my suitcase, staring, trying to figure out what to wear at my destination. This also helps to keep in your purse just in case your luggage gets lost! It’s basically an inventory list too. Don’t ask me why I know that. Ha!

TIP 2: When you’re packing, choose a color scheme and plan all of your outfits around that. I will usually pick browns or blacks and then golds or silvers. That way I can really narrow down my shoes, bags and jewelry that I pack.

TIP 3: Choose things that can mix and match! This kind of goes along with #2… Make sure that your tops go with several bottoms and vice-versa. This allows you to pack less things to make more outfits! Fun fact: When we went to Europe for nearly 3 weeks, I only packed a carry-on. A SERIOUS accomplishment for me. But I was able to do it because every top and bottom mixed with so much!

TIP 4: Roll, don’t fold! This really makes a difference! You can squeeze so much more into your suit case if you roll everything instead of folding! This does take more time when packing but if space is an issue, it’s definitely worth it!

TIP 5: Fill up your shoes! The inside of shoes kind of become dead space! I take advantage of it & fill my shoes with socks, under garments, charger cords and even jewelry. If you are going somewhere cold and have boots, put rolled up clothes in there! Take advantage of every piece of space. 

TIP 6: Put dryer sheets in your suitcase! This is a great way to keep everything smelling fresh and clean. 

TIP 7: Double bag your toiletries! Again, learn from my experience. Ha! I put things like shampoo, conditioner, lotion, soap, etc. into a large Ziploc bag. I then put it inside of another Ziploc bag for extra protection. Nothing ruins a trip like soapy clothes. Ugh

TIP 8: Invest in lightweight luggage! Anyone else guilty of always being right at 50 pounds? Well last summer I weighed my empty suitcase and realized that was a big part of the problem. It was awfully heavy itself! I actually bought this luggage this Fall and I LOVE it. All three pieces are right around $100. It is SUPER lightweight and allows me the space / poundage to pack more!

TIP 9: Get a luggage identifier! This is especially helpful if you are checking bags at the airport. I’m actually less worried about me getting the wrong luggage and more worried about someone else grabbing mine! I have added something as simple as a pink ribbon to the handle that makes it easy to spot. You can also get fancy and buy a monogrammed handle cover!

TIP 10: Pack your shoes in a shower cap! Ok, so if you think about it, the bottom of your shoes are diiiiiirty! I don’t love having my shoes on top of clean, packed clothes. So buy a shower cap [super cheap!] and put shoes in them! It’s flexible so you can still move them around as needed in your suitcase but keeps the dirt off of everything else!

Well that’s it! Let me know if you have any other helpful travel tips I should add! xo

A special thank you to mywailt for sponsoring this post!

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